Men’s Footwear: Finding your Sole

Men’s relationship with shoes is often a lazy one. Being guys, we tend to see shoes as utilitarian, something we need, but not something on which to dwell. However, once the moment comes to look good, maybe a wedding, an interview or a big date, we’re scrutinizing our footwear like a panicked drill sergeant. The … [Read more…]

Brooks Brothers New Classic Look

Brooks Brothers recently launched its Spring “Generations of Style” ad and I have to say, it’s looking pretty good. While it’s not cutting edge or breaking new stylistic ground, the design team has struck a nice balance between the Jazz Age Americana of Ralph Lauren and classic elegance of British classicism. There is a pleasing … [Read more…]

Making Corporate Casual Look Good

Remember the 1990s? Back then, the rules that governed the very concept of business attire and professional decorum were being tossed out the window wholesale. Casual Fridays were the coup de grâce of good taste and the work world devolved into a sea of pleated khakis and denim shirts. Now, I don’t want to totally … [Read more…]

Great New Magazine

I just picked up a copy of a great new magazine that debuted this month, “Classic Style.” While there are several new very good men’s style magazines on the stands, several of which I recently reviewed, this one has a distinctly individual look and I think it’s a keeper. An interesting approach was taken with … [Read more…]

Real Style is Always in the Details

In this column, I decided to forego the traditional “best gift” or “best men’s stores” schtick. Besides, you’ll be seeing that “best whatever” type of thing all over the place and while these lists can be entertaining, for the most part they just encourage you to buy more stuff you don’t need. Rather, we’re going … [Read more…]