Personal Style When No One is Looking

David Wescott over at the public affairs blog, It’s Not a Lecture, had some interesting thoughts on my recent “How to Wear a Suit and Look Good” post. He posed a sort of social science question about dressing well: essentially, does it matter what you wear when no one is looking? David has the enviable … [Read more…]

How to Wear a Suit and Look Good

Washington D.C. is beset by a scandal of global proportions. Day after day our standing in the world is diminished and in many quarters we are the laughing stock of more elegantly turned out societies. Of course I am speaking about how American men wear their suits. Slouchy jackets, too long trousers, and sleeves that … [Read more…]

Seersucker in Summer

Now that summer has officially struck, heat and humidity are returning with a vengeance to many parts of the country. Having just spent a couple of days in Charleston, South Carolina, I was pleasantly reminded that men still have a truly creative sartorial flair in that fantastic little city. This is particularly worth noting because … [Read more…]

Clothes Maketh the Citizen

One of the things I love most about working in Washington, D.C., is that people come here from all over the world to visit. For some, it is a life’s goal to stand in front of the White House and take in its iconic power of hope, regardless of who is living there at the … [Read more…]

Great Style Resource

I recently came across another blogger with an excellent site dedicated to classic style. A Suitable Wardrobe is a rich and resourceful blog that is definitely worth a visit. It certainly doesn’t hurt that its author is a contributor to the summer issue of Classic Style magazine.In particular, there is an excellent little treatise on … [Read more…]

More Magazine Reviews – Part II

FANTASTIC MAN At the other end of the spectrum from Classic Style is Fantastic Man (FM), a trade publication out of Amsterdam. Now, I’ll tell you up front that this is a very flamboyant magazine and it took some getting used to. But once I opened it up and started reading, my hesitation was set … [Read more…]

More Magazine Reviews – Part I

CLASSIC STYLE I am very happy to say that Classic Style magazine is at it again. The summer issue just came out and, at the risk of sounding like a shill for the publisher, it is great. Shifting gears little bit, this issue broadens the editorial content to touch on style and etiquette with “But … [Read more…]

The Journal on Ralph Lauren’s Empire Building

This week, the Wall Street Journal presented a fascinating analysis of the Polo/Ralph Lauren/RRL/Rugby/Lauren/Chaps marketing and branding empire. Click here to go directly to the article. The article,” Polo’s High-Stakes Balancing Act,” breaks apart the myriad brands and labels that fill Ralph Lauren’s empire and explains how they all fit together and form a solid … [Read more…]

From Classic Style’s Editor in Chief!

Michael Key, Classic Style’s Publisher and Editor in Chief, was nice enough to send a quick note on my recent review of his great magazine: “Thanks for the kind words and especially for the support. I really enjoyed reading your review in your blog. You are confirming that we are hitting exactly what we are … [Read more…]

New Issue of Classic Style

I just wanted to remind everyone that the second issue of Classic Style magazine is on the stands and I am happy to say it’s worth the $5.95. The magazine has filled an interesting niche for those who love the past but aren’t necessarily trying to live there. It’s not a magazine for reenactors, rather, … [Read more…]