Great Style Resource

I recently came across another blogger with an excellent site dedicated to classic style. A Suitable Wardrobe is a rich and resourceful blog that is definitely worth a visit. It certainly doesn’t hurt that its author is a contributor to the summer issue of Classic Style magazine.In particular, there is an excellent little treatise on … [Read more…]

    The Journal on Ralph Lauren’s Empire Building

    This week, the Wall Street Journal presented a fascinating analysis of the Polo/Ralph Lauren/RRL/Rugby/Lauren/Chaps marketing and branding empire. Click here to go directly to the article. The article,” Polo’s High-Stakes Balancing Act,” breaks apart the myriad brands and labels that fill Ralph Lauren’s empire and explains how they all fit together and form a solid … [Read more…]

      New Issue of Classic Style

      I just wanted to remind everyone that the second issue of Classic Style magazine is on the stands and I am happy to say it’s worth the $5.95. The magazine has filled an interesting niche for those who love the past but aren’t necessarily trying to live there. It’s not a magazine for reenactors, rather, … [Read more…]