Vineyard Vines Fetes Lisa Birnbach in Georgetown

Last week I had the chance to hang out with Lisa Birnbach, author of The Original Preppy Handbook and it’s newly published follow-up, TRUE PREP.

Vineyard Vines hosted Ms. Birnbach at their Georgetown outlet for an evening of preppy bonding, book signings and  roll-out of a capsule collection dedicated to TRUE PREP.  The TP line, at least what they had on hand, is a fun collection of clothing and accessories that touches on the book’s name and dog logo, but will remain perfectly usable and stylish once the book’s furor settles down.

And on that note, let me just say that if you are looking for some seriously sharp seaside, New England inspired classics this fall, take a good look at Vineyard Vines.  While the past few years have been, style-wise,  on the bland side, this season Shep and Ian hit a store full of home runs.

The Murray brothers were kind enough to send OTC a box of  Fall 2010 product to check out and we’ll be posting a review shortly. As a preview though, without question, my go-to sweatshirt/rugby is now the Raft Up Rugby.

Back to The TRUE PREP event, here are a few pictures from the evening.  It was a big crowd and we were treated to a nice spread of hot and cold hors doeuvres and full octane Arnold Palmers.  Apologies in advance fro some of the fuzzy iPhone shots.

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  1. Mark

    The rugby looks good, too bad VV didn’t go with a bigger logo. Few things denote “True Prep” than an oversized VV and a big ass whale. Probably made in China.


  2. Chris

    They should stick to ties. The other stuff is overpriced, over prepped and frankly not that impressive. As for the book…..

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