1. Rico Boothman

    Rather than drooling over Vineyard Vines, wouldn’t it be better to simply acknowledge that the company has effectively cornered the market in preppy-dufus “style”?

  2. I was a groomsman in three weddings in the middle of the last decade. Instead of opting for the rented black-tie monkey suits, my New Englander friends all opted for khaki or cream-colored pants, a blue blazer of our choosing and Vineyard Vines ties to match the dresses of the bridesmaids.

    I thought it was a nice touch at the time and am reminded of these couples and the great time we all had at their weddings every time I tie one of them around my neck.

  3. Rico Boothman

    We all have to make a living, of course. But having read this post, one has to ask the following: are you in the pay of “Ian and Shep”?

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