Variations in Seasonal Marketing

As retailers pull out all the stops to get a share of our dwindling holiday funds, I have come across a variety of interesting marketing approaches.

One of the more notable vehicles is the social action campaign at Rugby. Their goal is to tap into the community service idealism of the Rugby target demographic and build a social movement around some unique Rugby products. Commercial? Blatant capitalism? Fashion giant pandering to the pseudo-social consciousness of spoiled kids? Perhaps, but it’s also a well organized effort for a very good cause.

Just so there is no confusion, Rugby did not ask me to write this, I just find the strategy refreshing and heartfelt. Ralph Lauren and his companies have a long tradition of supporting health care, social and environmental causes.

This new effort marks the first time that Lauren has used design-collaboration to develop a product line. The current ad campaign highlights the first three items developed for the campaign and their co-creators.

50% of the purchase price of the special edition Match Rugby shirt (above) will go the company’s new Match Rugby Fund to support young social entrepreneurs.

Toms Shoes for Rugby

Rugby has teamed with Blake Mycoskie of Toms Shoes to create a special edition of Rugby patterned shoes. For each pair purchased, a pair of shoes will be donated to a needy child.

FEED Foundation Bag for Rugby

They have also joined forces with Lauren Bush, founder of FEED Foundation (and longtime girlfriend of David Lauren) to design a collection of limited edition burlap Rugby inspired bags. Proceeds from the bags will go directly to the FEED Foundation.

Both designers expanded on hallmarks of the brand for their pieces: “Rugby does ‘create your own’ elements in their rugby shirts, so we took that idea and decided to make four extra FEED country patches to be sold separately,” explained Bush.

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    Courtney C. – Lauren! They are wonderful! You look solooo beautiful! I can’t wait to see the rest of them! I am glad that Alex was there to make you laugh and I can’t wait to see you soon! Much love!

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