UnderFit: Evolution of the Undershirt

UnderFit Modal Shirt

Undershirts are the unsung heroes of many a man’s wardrobe.  They are by nature pedestrian and functional, serving a purpose rather than expressing personality.  Indeed, the best undershirts are the ones you forget you have on; not evident when being worn and possessing as little presence as possible.

Finding, let alone creating a perfect undershirt is a holy grail-like endeavor geared to those intent on minimizing their impact on menswear by maximizing their attention to material, design, fit, and construction.  They want you to forget you’re wearing their product until the moment you realize it’s on and you hadn’t even noticed it.  That is the brand-winning moment.

UnderFitsEnter UnderFit.  Founders David Palmer and Ben Brockland started the company in 2010 after dealing with the frustration of not being able to find a good fitting undershirt. The entrepreneurs worked long and hard to develop thier signature product.  True to the bootstraps model, Brockland worked two full-time jobs trying to get UnderFit going.  Manufacturing is American based; the fabric is sourced from mills in Southern California, manufacturing takes place in Milwaukee, and orders are fulfilled outside Philadelphia.

While the back story is inspiring, the good news is that their undershirts are pretty great too.  The material, an eco-friendly blended fabric called ProModal, combines the best qualities of two different fibers, Modal and Tencel. It also contains a small amount of Lycra that helps to create a better fit.  This combination creates a lightweight, shape-retaining, and breathable material.

We found wearing UnderFits to be a very comfortable exercise.  The shirts, broader at the shoulders and narrower at the waist, are nicely fitted but not at all tight or constricting.  Importantly, they create almost no bulk at all under our trim dress shirts and are very comfortable all day long.  The shirt’s body is long enough to ensure it stays tucked in place.

These are some of the most consistently comfortable undershirts we have ever tested.  An important fact to remember is that these are designed to be undershirts first and foremost.  And, they were designed to be the best undershirt you can find anywhere.  As Brockland and Palmer say, “Undershirts are simple, UnderFits are simply perfect. ”  It’s even their tagline.

OTC wholly endorses UnderFit.  If there is a better purpose-built undershirt out there, we have yet to find it.



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  1. Undershirts is a one which is not given much importance by the youngsters.
    Might be because it gets stretched soon & looses its shape & fitness.
    I think this undershirt would definitely gain popularity as it is made from eco-friendly blended fabric. It is lightweight, shape-retaining, and breathable material.

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