Thomas Pink Refreshes its Brand

Thomas Pink, the venerable British clothing company most famous for its iconically English shirts, recently launched a thorough re-branding.  Embracing its Britishness like never before, they have deftly combined classic Art Deco polish with Jermyn Street tradition.

The refreshed brand now sports Union Jacks and the Cheeky Fox, reinforcing the transitional heritage that underlies the company’s history.  The shirts are updated too – cut slimmer to match the style sensibilities of today’s customers.  Although most folks associate Thomas Pink with its famous shirting, they also provide outstanding made-to-measure suiting, sport coats, sharp accessories, and fun socks.

OTC was recently invited by Thomas Pink’s PR team to visit the new Tyson’s Galleria store; images below.  We were impressed with the fresh yet vintage take on retail design, the classic riding kit gracing the front entrance, and the clever shadow box shelving that both defines the store’s space and highlights interesting pieces.

In fact, we are so impressed that we’ll be doing a follow-up post on some great Spring looks, courtesy of Thomas Pink.




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