1. My Indy Boots and I take offense to this. What if I’m walking past the National Mall and am suddenly called upon to help excavate the original Washington Monument, which was buried during WWII to help hide it from the Nazis? Lots of secrets in this town man.

    Face it, in the event of a massive disaster, you’re going to want to know the guy whose Barbour Beaufort’s game pouch is stuffed with dead pigeons, no matter how they may have died.

  2. Great comment – love it! I read this as I came in today…wearing my Beaufort jacket and chunky commando-soled boots. They’re suede wingtips, but still…

    I’d love to get a pair of those Alden Indys.

  3. If there is one thing I can generalize about cigar enthusiasts, we all disagree endlessly on everything from our favorite sizes and blends to our favorite makers because flavors are subjective.

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