Starboard Clothing Co.

Here at OTC, we are fans of both the elegant and the basic. A handmade suit definitely has its place in life, but so does something as simple and reliable as a favorite baseball hat.

The baseball hat is a basic staple of the American male wardrobe.  It is comfortable, familiar, functional, and in many ways, iconic.  When sporting casual outfits, a good baseball hat can lend a fun, practical, or even stylish hook to your look.  Right now we are in love with the hat shown here from the Starboard Clothing Co., an Annapolis, Maryland-based brand.

This is a hands down favorite for several reasons.  First, the overall design is well balanced and visually pleasing.  While that may sound a bit overly analytical for a ball cap, when something looks right, you know it when you see it.  Second, the embroidered Anchor-Star logo is just perfect; nautical and classic looking but also a bit unique and distinctive.  Sometimes, hat logos are done too small or large and seem out of scale, but this is just right.  The addition of the brand name across the back is nicely done, as is the small Heron logo on the back left.

Overall, the Starboard Clothing Co. ball cap has the hallmarks of a long-term winner.  It’s a hat we like wearing and regularly reach for.  And, at just $22, it’s a great deal.  It also comes in white, green and brick-red, but navy is still a timeless classic.

Starboard also sell some outstanding handmade madras bow ties.

Founded by Benjamin Meredith, it’s a small company founded on passion.  Ben began making bow ties for his personal use as a young attorney.

As with other entrepreneurs, he quickly took note of the attention and questions garnered by his handmade bow ties and drew up plans for a business that became Starboard Clothing Co.

As it says on their website, “the company takes its name from the nautical term ‘Starboard,’ which indicates the right-hand side of a ship. Maybe that’s why there is something about Starboard Clothing Co. that just feels so ‘right.'”  We agree.

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