Spring Footwear: Bull + Tassel

Bull + Tassel reinvents the opera slipper as a classy summer shoe, ready for the outdoors.

Opera slippers are not for everyone, at least not in the traditional sense.  Typically, these elegant velvet classics are best accompanied by a smoking jacket, ascot, and crystal tumbler filled with a 30 year-old single malt.  The addition of an enormous mansion, butler, and classy cocktail party more or less round out their patrician reputation.

Bull + Tassel, a brand founded by David Zimmerman, seeks to re-imagine the opera slipper as a modern, casual piece of footwear.  He has taken the shoe’s inherent benefits and moved the style in a more practical direction.  Instead of a refined house shoe never meant to see a sidewalk let alone the front stoop, we now have a clever hybrid very much at home when on the go or just strolling down the driveway to check the mail.

Instead of velvet, Bull + Tassel offers three variations rendered in a proprietary grosgrain- or cotton-based fabric.  The soles are a sturdy, studded rubber that easy handle most day-to-day conditions.  OTC tested the “Biff” model, shown above, and we were quite impressed.  Rather than the expected soft, unstructured slip-ins, we instead found ourselves with a lightweight, stylish, and durable shoe that is both unique and a lot of fun.

Zimmerman is the founder of Matador Alcove, a small private club (lounge, drinks, and a haircut) in Costa Mesa, California – which may explain the “bull” in Bull + Tassel.  To Zimmerman, the brand’s name reflects the melding of strength and refinement, two qualities that he feels best define the modern gentleman.  His shoes fit that description nicely.

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  1. Thanks for the helpful review. These shoes do look rather luxurious and the utilitarian construction is sure to appeal to even the most discriminating gentleman. While a mansion and butler are nice, the modern gentleman is far more practical. This update meets the needs of today’s gentleman.

  2. Good review, I wear a similar type of shoe indoor all year round as they are very comfortable. My current budget would not stretch to Bull + Tassel at the moment. Pity, they look amazing.

  3. First I would like to thank OTC for the wonderful review. Sterling Gent thank you also for your nice review and the understanding of what the shoe is meant to be.
    Uware, just so you know our shoes are a fraction of the cost compared to the other Slippers that are out there and the fact that you can wear these everyday helps amortize the cost. We are also about to start a KICKSTARTER campaign and the shoes will be offered at a lower cost,
    So please “like” us on facebook to receive updates on the KICKSTARTER status.
    Live well, David Z.

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