Sartorialist for Intel’s Visual Life Series

I had the pleasure of hanging out with Scott while he was in DC during his book tour and found him to be a particularly insightful and thoughtful guy.  He has a genuinely distinctive view on fashion and style, often seeing the trees for the forest – the glove, the scarf, a unique bracelet or pair of rockin’ socks peeking out from behind a classic cap toe.  The fact that OTC and many others illustrate our stories with his images speaks to what the means to the sartorial community.

This short documentary reminds me of why Scott has achieved his exceptional level of success.

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  1. Gordon

    He has a good — or based upon the previous entry below perhaps I should say “elite” — eye. I recall Russell Smith’s work, “Style: The Thinking Mans’ Guide in Dress” and the first chapter addressing the matters of class, “pretension” (which he aptly shows to be another pejorative term in the recent past) — like the word “elite” is now used in our USA.

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