Running Lite With ECCO

ECCO Biom EVO Racer Lite

When asked, many people think of footwear brand ECCO as purveyors of comfortable European-inspired walking shoes.  And while this is very much true, and we love them for it, the company also innovates in several other forward-thinking categories, including athletics.  The Biom EVO Racer Lite running shoe is a great example of ECCO’s dedication to rethinking performance running.

The Biom EVO Lite’s natural anatomical last provides exceptionally flexible comfort and the unique asymmetrical collar and tongue ensures improved ankle position and support for feet.  This running shoe is low cut and designed to combine comfort and natural motion, for an almost free-running feel with comfort and support from toe to heel.  It did take us a little while to get used to the arch positioning and way the offset tongue sat on the foot.  By no means uncomfortable, it is just a different feel and fit unique to ECCO.

So far, we have put about 20 miles of road running on these shoes and really appreciate the light, responsive feel and natural spring.  If you are looking for heavy cushioning and bounce, these may not be a good fit, however, if seeking a more natural feel with a lower stance, give the Biom EVO Racer Lite a try.

ECCO Running Photoshoot (8.2013)

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