1. M.Lane

    Great news! I loved the original and can't wait to see this new version.


  2. Anonymous

    Bravo, finally an article of substance. Much better than that rubbish you wrote regarding J. Crew. Keep it up please.

  3. OTC

    ADG – Ha, good one. You are, without a doubt, THE man.

    Anon – Glad you liked the article, though I think you might be a little biased against the mass' love of Ivy League casual. It's always good to have a balance of formal and informal, costly and less so, bespoke and OTR. It's what keeps life interesting.

    Regardless, thanks very much for being a reader.

  4. davemx

    Does he really think he dresses well?? His pants are incredibly long and although I'm not a purist about wearing slipons with a suit- I actually like it- those loafers just look awful paired with a suit.
    Who does he think he is… REALLY!

  5. Robin Parduez

    I just ordered the book. I'm looking forward to giving it a read. Thanks for giving us a preview.

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