(Re)introducing Mack Weldon

MackWeldon (via Buffalo Dandy)

We introduced OTC readers to the Mack Weldon brand as part of our 2012 Holiday Wish List.  Apparently, some folks wanted to know a bit more, judging by the feedback in our inbox.

As a topic, OTC has never really addressed things like underwear and tee shirts, but these items really are important. Feeling comfortable in the clothes closest to your body makes difference in how you feel; so coming across a brand that gets it right is a pretty big deal for us.

To recap, Mack Weldon is a new men’s collection that features tee shirts, undershirts, underwear, and socks – the fundamental pieces needed to create the base for any outfit.  For now, the line is sold only through the brand’s dedicated website (www.mackweldon.com).  In addition to buying individual items, you can also choose from some clever gift packages.

Mack Weldon’s marketing material says, “this is an undergarment brand that is solely devoted to producing top-notch products that perfectly combines luxury and performance features to create a one-of-a-kind item.”  Normally we eschew such hyperbole, but after testing the tees, undershirts, and underwear for about two months, we do agree that there’s nothing like it on the market.  Our samples included all but the socks, so we can’t speak to them directly.

MackWeldon3 (via PorHomme)The Mack Weldon menswear brand was launched in August 2012, with an eye on innovating men’s basics, improving both the product and customer experience.  The fact that they actually accomplished these rather lofty goals is one reason we took the time to revisit the brand in more detail.

Founders Brian Berger and Michael Isaacman realized that to make a dent in the relatively unexciting men’s undergarment market, the brand interaction needed to be as engaging and innovative as the products being sold.  These guys are not amateurs; with stints ranging from Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger to Excite, and WebMD, their combined menswear and internet savvy led to a successful social media- and customer-focused brand experience.

To counter the reputation of underwear as a relative commodity, they take a rapid-response approach to turning around orders and provide high-touch customer service.  Another key market objective is competing directly with the low barrier-to-purchase alternative of brick-and-mortar retail.  The back-end of the operation is pretty impressive too.  Check out the robots manning their automated warehouse.

As we stated the first time around, the tees and undershirts are simply better than any other we have tried; plain and simple.  The fit, design, construction, and materials combine to make these the tops we reach for first.  The underwear is just as innovative and well made, with extras soft waistbands, strategically placed cooling mesh, and the boxer brief styles have great stay-put legs.



MackWeldon2 (via Svpply)

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