Raleigh Denim Follow-up: The Curatory

Raleigh Denim’s workrooms are not the only operation run by Victor and Sarah in Raleigh’s warehouse district.  They also founded the Curatory, a highly edited shop which showcases both their own wares and a selection of other unique brands.

The space was carved out of the front of Raleigh Denim’s workshop.  The small shop also fronts the reclaimed building, exposing the sales floor to an expanse of windows.  While still industrial in scale and feel, Victor and Sarah have created a unique and relaxed retail outlet that reflects their hand crafted sensibilities.

Take for example the ceiling.  Along with John Webb, who moved from San Fransisco to handle domestic and international sales and the Curatory, they hand folded and placed more than 3,500 paper airplanes on its ceiling.  The effect is that of an abstract art installation that at first escapes notice.

Raleigh Denim’s jeans and cords, some of which are available only at their store, share space with the likes of Apolis Activism bags and Jutta Neumann handmade sandals (Sarah also sports one of Jutta’s cool double wrap leather bracelets in the previous article on Raleigh Denim).

A diverse selection of interesting items also includes leather belts and accessories, ethereal scarves, rustic pocket squares and a selection of bow and neck ties.  All small batch production and all hand crafted.

If you find yourself in Raleigh, check out the Curatory and take a peek through the curtain at production floor, right next door.  The spirit of this genuinely refreshing brand is summed up on the workshop’s wall: “To be, rather than to seem.”  It’s the North Carolina state motto.  Even the inspiration is locally sourced.

Additional images from the Curatory:

Simple tag, simple message.

Some of the unique and ever-changing options at the Curatory.

Limited run ties.

Apolis Activism tote bag, complete with pencils.

Detail of Apolis Activism tote.

Handmade belts

Cool, slightly rough pocket squares.

Unique color runs you can only get at the store.

3,500 hand-folded paper airplanes on the Curatory ceiling.

The totally cool and seriously connected John Webb.

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