OTC x Trident Gum: See What Unfolds

Our friends at Trident Gum have asked that we let OTC readers know about a great contest that just launched over at their Facebook page.

You can help make an aspiring filmmaker very happy and possibly cast the deciding vote on the official Steve Aoki/Duran Duran video for their recent remix of the 1980s classic “Hungry Like the Wolf.”

OTC is all about making classic style modern, and the same holds true for classic music.

Last month Trident kicked off its summer-long “See What Unfolds Live” series where approximately 3,000 fans were treated to an unforgettable performance hosted by DJ Steve Aoki that included an appearance by legendary pop superstars Duran Duran.  Yes, they still rock.  The night’s defining moment was a Steve Aoki produced and remixed performance of the band’s classic hit, Hungry Like The Wolf, aptly named, “Hungry Like The Wolf: Steve Aoki vs. Duran Duran – The New York Werewolf Mix.”

Trident launched a music video competition on Genero.TV, an online community well-known for connecting artists with fans and filmmakers alike, and enlisted users to get in on the fun by creating their own music video for the new track. The jury winner will receive $10,000, with two runners up each winning $2,500. The winner chosen by the fans will get $5,000.

And this is where you come in.  Starting today, you too can be a part of music history! Help choose the official music video by voting for one of the four finalists.  With $20,000 in total at stake for the finalists, it’s no light decision!

Voting is scheduled to close the evening of July 26, so don’t delay!

On June 29th, the winning video will be announced as the official video of the collaboration.

To vote for your favorite video, just heard over to Trident’s Facebook page.

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