OTC x Thomas Pink

Thomas-Pink-LogoOTC has partnered with Thomas Pink to create two distinct looks that reflect both city cool and American preppy casual.  Recently, we wrote about how the company just unwrapped a significant brand refreshing and in celebration, OTC is showing how to make some of that Pink style work for you.

To create our complimentary looks, we started by pairing classic Pink shirting with some of their distinctively quirky accessories.  We then added in wardrobe staples already at hand, creating on-the-go looks in true OTC style.  Our ultimate goal is to inspire real world outfits that take you from meetings at the office to the club for drinks.



Our city look is meant to be casually elegant, reflecting both an updated elegance and sense of approachable comfort.  Polished but not stuffy, one could easily add a tie to dress up this look for a business meeting.

Coddenham Check Shirt
Elephant Parade Pocket Square
Silver Bulldog Cufflinks
Blue Blazer: Ralph Lauren
Trousers: Incotex
Belt: Longchamp
Slip-Ins: Brooks Brothers
Briefcase: Lotuff & Clegg
Vintage Walking Stick: OTC




Here, the goal is approachable style grounded in the East Coast aesthetic.  Tie slightly disheveled, bright pocket square casually shoved in place, and turned up khakis speak to summer and a dressy casual look that anyone can make their own.

Quintessential Poplin Slim Fit Shirt
Blue Blazer: Ralph Lauren
Tie: Vineyard Vines
Pocket Square: Drakes London
Khaki Pants: Brooks Brothers
Slip-Ins: Brooks Brothers
Bag: Lumina & Parrott Market


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  1. Dano

    You might be interested to know when a ring is a real family crest it is properly worn on the pinky or ring finger of the left hand only.

  2. Dano: Thanks very much for your comment. While I am quite aware of the tradition of wearing a signet or other heraldic ring on the left hand, I wear my wedding ring on my left ring finger. As I prefer to not have two rings on one hand, and my wedding ring trumps any other, I therefore wear my family ring on my right ring finger.

    Luckily, these are all options – not dictates. And just to clarify, that is very much my family ring and a “real” family crest – regardless of the finger on which it rests.

  3. Gunther, thank you for your comment. To state the obvious, clearly the wearing of a family ring on one’s right hand is very much an option as I have done so for more than 20 years. Of course, whether you disapprove of such behavior is another issue altogether.

    I must say, the abrupt absoluteness of your admonition fills me with the warm glow of one who is apparently living the life of an iconoclast. I feel downright rebellious – they should throw me out of my club.

  4. Are you not wearing socks for the business look. I am just inquiring because I have noticed of late that socks seem to absent in a few of my colleagues attire . Is this the new look. Great look with that jacket and shirt its a winner for me

  5. Peter, thank you very much for your kind words on the city look. You are correct in noting that I am not wearing socks with the city/business look. While for some it is simply an affectation and sign of individuality, for others it is their own custom during warm weather. If I recall, the original Preppy Handbook has a whole bit about never wearing of socks with slip-ins or loafers.

    In this case, it’s a little bit of both. The lack of socks in this shoot was mostly aesthetic and to give gentlemen a stylistic option which is simple and at the same time rather current and on-trend. However, during warm months it is also a personal preference. The look works best with slimmer trousers with little or no break. That said, know your work environment – there are clearly times when professional decorum would require socks.

  6. I really like what you’re wearing and your rather distinguished look. It’s not often I see the jacket worn with the top button done up and the bottom one left undone as it should be.

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