OTC x Sanyo Shokai

We are very excited to introduce an outstanding brand to OTC readers, Sanyo New York.  Makers of outstanding outerwear that range from formal trench coats to casual hybrid car coat styles, Sanyo’s distinctively clean look is both modern and classic.  Read on to learn how one could be yours.

Sanyo New York was established in 1978 by Sanyo Shokai of Tokyo to better target the North American market.  Sanyo Shokai is one of the largest apparel manufacturers in Japan, with a long, rich history dating back to 1943.

In 1986, the company built its own state-of-the-art production facility in Oneonta, New York, making these Japanese designed garments Made in America.  Several other locations had been considered, including sites in Connecticut and Georgia. However, the closing of a textile factory in upstate New York, allowed Sanyo to hire experienced local textile workers.  The company set its sites on re-imagining classic outerwear for modern men.

Sanyo was one of the first apparel makers to treat wool gabardine for water repellency and the first to use lightweight and breathable parachute material for durable, wind resistant but featherweight coats.

OTC has been field testing the bestselling Crosby 3-in-1 short coat.  We will state without reservation that Sanyo’s claim of being able to compete with top-brand labels in terms of quality, design, and technological advancement is no empty boast.  The coat’s construction, quality, design, and attention to detail are exceptional.  Without hyperbole, it is our editor-in-chief’s new default running -out-the-door coat.

The Crosby is a lightweight all-purpose garment that at 34 inches is dressy enough for wearing over a suit coat and functional enough for walking the dog in the rain.  The button-out vest provides solid warmth, even down to chilly temperatures when buttoned into the coat and is a stylish, useful piece when on its own.  Pockets are deep, functional and well-placed.  The jacket’s collar stands up well to wind and rain when needed and lays flat and out of the way when down.

Sanyo Shokai’s philosophy is that the boundaries that once separated the rain wear and outerwear categories have all but disappeared, hence the brand’s tagline: “Rainwear/Anywhere”.

As testament to the quality and design built into its outerwear, Sanyo Shokai coats are carried at Nordstrom, Saks Fifth, Barney’s New York, and Bloomingdales, among other prestigious retailers throughout the United States and Canada.

As a special offer to OTC’s readers, we are giving away one XL Sanyo Crosby, sized most appropriately for a 46R.  To enter, visit OTC’s Facebook page and tell us what you think makes the perfect all-purpose coat.

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  1. Sean

    Looks like a great jacket, but I must say, I am a little saddened by the direction this blog has taken. It seems that you only write posts sporadically to review/promote products you are receiving for free. sweats? random knives? I like this blog, but I feel like I am still waiting for the good content to come back.

  2. Sean, thanks for the honest feedback, we really do appreciate it. We like to think that the items reviewed on OTC touch on various parts of guy’s lives, from casual to formal, bags, grooming, home, and gifts.

    We are also proud of our long-form content which, as you noted, has been less visible recently. Don’t worry, you’ll be seeing a lot more of OTC’s guides, reviews, interviews, and profiles soon.

    Thanks again for sharing your thoughts, and your kind words about OTC.

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