1. Kiel Holliday

    I was also at the Crown Plaza Invitational and was very impressed with the amount of appreciation that the game of golf receives. It was a great experience for me, which has lead me to take up the game of golf.

  2. A.G. – the thing that struck me about everyone I met at The Oven was their overwhelming sense of dedication, obsession with quality and refinement, and a genuine passion for their profession and their sport.

    I mentioned at the time that, other than the medium – customized handmade golf equipment vs. luxury handmade leather goods – I would expect to see and feel the same level of dedication and quality on a visit to an Hermes atelier. the psychology is the same.

    I am not comparing the products, I am comparing the process and fixation on how the product is conceived, developed, crafted and used.

    Thanks very much for the comment!

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