OTC Review: Tommy John Underwear

Tommy John (Retail Boxes)Underwear brand Tommy John likes to frame their product’s value proposition thusly; wearing their underwear with make you feel better about yourself.  After a few weeks of testing, we more or less agree.

Men today have more options when it comes to finding great, well-designed underwear than any other time time history.  While it’s not the same as curing cancer, designing undergarments that that help the wearer feel comfortable, relaxed, and unrestricted yet put together, is no mean feat.  To us, the Tommy John brand is notable for the consistent comfort; no stretching or sagging, even after repeated wearing and washing.  In addition, the brand has developed a truly creative and eminently functional advancement in the fly department – something all men will appreciate.  Frankly, that accomplishment alone deserves some sort of award.

OTC highly recommends both of the items we tested, the Second Skin Trunk underwear and Cool Cotton Deep V-Neck undershirt.  The underwear is incredibly light and breathable, providing excellent comfort and minimal bulk throughout the day.  The undershirt has an almost body sculpting  quality to it that tapers down to the waist.  This design element means that it truly stays put and doesn’t ride up, a universally persistent issue with most undershirt-wearers. No tucking or scrunching needed.

The one note of caution we would add is that this significant tapering also means the undershirt itself can potentially feel a bit constricting, almost like shape wear.  The outward effect is slimming and helps your dress shirt look less bulky.  However, depending on the wearer, it may not always feel comfortable.  As the fit is close by design, it might be better to size up if this is a concern.

As with many of these advanced, research-based underwear brands, Tommy John’s products are not inexpensive and choosing to invest in a $30 pair of underwear may be a bit daunting – or irritating – to some.  We don’t really weigh in on the pricing issue for one key reason.  These products are not “also” items picked up on the grocery store run.  They are not to be tossed into the cart as an afterthought; a six-pack for ten bucks.  The quality, construction, design, and comfort brought to the wearer makes this underwear akin to a great shirt or solid pair of trousers you plan on wearing all the time.  So, view purchasing this sort of high-end underwear for what it is, investing in your wardrobe; frankly, an important and often overlooked part of your wardrobe.

Tommy John (before-after)

Tommy John (problem-solution)

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  1. JayGoBears

    I own these. They are worth every penny. I’m 6’3, 245lbs and wear XL. I don’t find them compressing at all but some dudes may be girly and think differently. Quick Fly is the best thing since dress shirt darts. Anyway, spot on review by the OTC team

  2. David Mallin

    I purchased underwear from my home in Texas and referred a friend who made a purchase from Phoenix, Arizona. They did not pay the bonus as they said both orders came from the same IP address.

  3. Earl

    It’s comfortable underwear but it doesn’t last. I had mine less than four months before they fell apart. It’s not worth the money.

  4. Tom

    I’m with Earl. Product is cheaply made. Mine fell apart as well. For $30, it should last a year at least.

  5. Teresa Risner

    Two pairs of boxer briefs bought for son from latest iteration of line. The seams pulled painfully at leg hairs. Lousy and rude customer service only two wearings but TJ only offered to replace one with boxer briefs of our choice.

  6. Bendog

    Although TJ touts ‘no wedgie’ they are all about the wedgie. Its what they do. They suck. If it were not for that they would be really nice. The waistband makes you sweat too, and I soak it. No other underwear has ever done that. It’s also too tight at the waist. Even the XXL. I’m 5’8″ 230 lbs.

  7. Bendog

    Although TJ touts ‘no wedgie’ they are all about the wedgie. Its what they do. They suck. Never had that problem with Hanes, Fruit of the Loom or Calvin’s. If it were not for that they would be really nice. The waistband makes you sweat too, and I soak it. No other underwear has ever done that. It’s also too tight at the waist. Even the XXL. I’m 5’8″ 230 lbs. 40 pants.

  8. Brian P

    I was thrilled originally when I put on these underwear but after a few months they are stretched out, worthless hunks of material. Literally un-wearable now and at $40 bucks a piece now have about $500 worth of rags. Switched to Under Armour for half the price. So far they are holding up very well.

  9. Sean

    Have 6 pairs of TJ, I thought it was too good to be true with the comfort and “no riding up” but less than 6 months later 3 pairs have begun to fall apart. The underside of the crotch on all three just completely wore out and have big holes in them now. TJ gave me a credit for 2 of them because they “couldn’t find the third on any order I’ve placed”. Will be using the credit on the website but not a penny more. For the premium price I expect premium comfort AND durability. Trying out different brands now

  10. Ryan

    I own at least 10 pairs and while they are extremely comfortable the durability is horrendous. Literally every pair has torn in the crotch region. 6 month warranty only for a $30 pair of underwear is a joke

  11. Ron

    I too am amazed at how quickly the material wears out. When I complained to TJ. Their response was, the way that I wash them..Really!
    Holes in the crotch area. They sent replacements and they wore out even faster. No more than 6 months. They are comfortable. Like the design. Shame the material wears out so fast.

  12. Greg

    Fell apart after 4 months. They were comfortable while they lasted, but I would never spend that much again for something so cheaply made. I have fruit of the loom, gilden, and other brands that are a fraction of the cost and have lasted years.

  13. Doug

    Same experience as above. Loved the fit and comfort of the Tommy John underwear, but I have gone through about 10 pair and every single pair, and I’ve tried three different styles, have gotten holes in the crotch within 3 months. I hate it, because I love the fit so much, but I refuse to spend this kind of money for such poor quality. I did return about half the pairs and they sent me replacements which also fell apart. Does anyone know of a similar fitting underwear that don’t fall apart?

  14. Greg

    I ordered 3 pair of Second Skin underwear XL. I put these in my rotation. I love the feel. But now 7 weeks later I have a pair with a hole in the crotch after only 5-6 times being worn. They just are not holding up and now I’m outside of the 30 day warrantee. I have e-mailed the company and I’ll see if they come through but so far it’s not looking positive for durability. At $30 a pair vs. my normal $5 pair that lasts 6-12 months, these just may not make the cut.

  15. JP

    Yep.. same as above . Very comfortable I admit but also holes in them after a couple months for the first pairs and now only 3 weeks on the last 3 pair I ordered.

    It’s a shame

  16. Lynn

    Spent $300 for rags. They are comfortable but cheaply made. They will have holes in 6 months. Trust me. Don’t waste your money.

  17. Bob

    Never got to wear, two pairs ripped at side seams, right out of package. This is a quality
    issue. Customer service refunding for order.
    Definitely a poor quality product not worth the price.

  18. Mark Hunter

    I echo the quality comments above. It’s too bad, I love the feel, but I don’t want to spend $30 for underwear that lasts a month.

  19. Brian

    Complete garbage.

    Holes in the crotch on all pairs. Never again. Buy Jockeys. They have the same feel for 1/3 the price. I will never spend that much money on underwear again. GARBAGE

  20. Bobby

    1st pair was xl, waist fit snug but slips down under my belly, while legs creep up. Ok, maybe I need bigger size. Tried xxl, waist fits loose, slips down under my belly, legs, creep up.

    Garbage, overpriced garbage.

  21. Chris

    Agree with all of the comments above regarding holes underneath the crotch area. I have purchased or received as a gift 10+ pairs of Tommy John. Every single pair and I mean every single one has torn, started splitting and eventually produced holes under and around the crotch area. It’s like the material is thin and can’t last multiple washes. It’s a damn shame because I love the way these feel, but they are absolutely not worth the price for the amount of time they will last.

    Each pair varied as far as how long they lasted, but none hit a year without massive craters formed around the crotch. If you enjoy a great feel, but for a month or maybe two, then these are the underwear for you.

    I plan on going back to Under Armor. They are not as comfortable as TJ, but man do they hold up and last a while. Never going back to TJ. Charging a premium for temporary comfort. RIP-OFF.

  22. Sarah

    My husband feels the same as you all and I can vouch for him as I do his laundry – every single pair has ripped in short order. Such a shame. My question is, has anyone found a suitable alternative?

  23. John A

    Just add to all the complaints above and you have an expensive piece of junk. I bought seven pair of the second skin underwear and within six months I have holes/tears in every pair. I was told by Tommy John that the material is “delicate” and should not be used if you have an active life-style – what ever that means? I’m seventy years old – not some 25 year old jock! Don’t buy – just expensive shoddy made trash.

  24. NadineT

    5 starts for fit, design, feel….all amazing! I give you that TJ!
    2 stars for price…they’re costly but willingly I pay because of the above.
    1 star on quality, durability and guarantee if you dare try 🙁 Here’s how it goes…

    Your man tries TJ’s on and loves them! Until, a few weeks/months later, he notices rips, holes and/or that the cotton fabric is thinning out and separating through out the shorts. (TJ offers a 3 or 6 mo. guarantee). So no problem, just call Customer Service right? Be prepared to be grilled with questions all designed to imply that you mishandled the product! “Did you buy too small a size?” “These underware are ‘delicate’. Did you only wash them in the delicate cycle and dried without heat or air dry them only?” “Did your man wear these underwear while working out, because if he did, it’s his fault that he stretched them.” They will go on to say that all this effort and research (which you the customer must compile) is needed so they can identify the issue in the supply chain (not my problem to solve for you TJ!) At the end, you get an email requesting photo proof of the broken down underwear and once again, you’ll be asked to answer these insulting questions all over again and for what….if you’re lucky, and after a lot of work, you get replacement pair of the same crap quality.

    Now going to research top competitors and give them the same shot millions of us gave TJ a few years back. If you’re looking elsewhere like me, try UnderArmour, SAXX, Jac5, Baskit, ExOfficio.

  25. Teresa Risner

    Had exactly the same kind of experience – not bought them since and I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone.

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