OTC Recommends: New West Knifeworks

As we careen towards the holiday dining and shopping season, it is important to pause, take a deep breath, and remember that even during times of consumer excess a focus on quality and craftsmanship is still important.

While we are, of course, a resource for style and personal expression, OTC firmly believes that such a philosophy extends to the home. And, what better place to start than in the kitchen?

American-based brands that blend true craftsmanship with creative design and a dedication to outstanding quality have always been something that gets our attention.  Without question, Jackson, Wyoming-based New West Knifeworks is one such company.  Obsessed with making the best possible cutting tools for the kitchen, be it in a Michelin Star restaurant or servicing a backyard barbeque, New West knows from knives.  Feted by the likes of Wine Spectator, Cigar Aficionado, and Fine Cooking, New West is considered by many discriminating experts to be one if the finest makers of hand-made knives on the market.

We recently had the chance to test out their new Fusionwood five-inch Chopper Chef’s knife, and in a word – wow. It’s not a large knife, but its functionality and versatility are quite impressive. As you might expect, the blade is razor sharp, but equally impressive is the knife’s exceptional balance in-hand.  It’s easy to work with and makes for a durable, compact, and – frankly – striking kitchen heirloom.

Construction-wise, it’s beautiful to look at and the knife-maker’s dedication to his craft is clearly evident. The elegantly finished wood handle is smooth and flawless.  It seamlessly blends with the blade’s tang to create an uninterrupted object of functional beauty. Layers of select dyed hardwood veneers are impregnated with a proprietary engineering grade resin. Since the resin is pulled into the wood using a vacuum process, there is no surface treatment to deteriorate. The handle is just fine sanded and buffed.

The blade’s steel is made with a unique powder metal technology that creates a carbide-rich, super fine grain structure that has exceptional performance characteristics compared to traditionally wrought steels.  The powder metal technology of Fusionwood 2.0 knives provide unparalleled edge holding combined with indestructible toughness and excellent stain resistance. It also allows for ease of sharpening and the ability to create an incredibly sharp edge.

To protect stray hands for that blade, each knife also arrives in a custom blade sheath.  Constructed of heavy leather, it keeps that super sharp edge away from any hands reaching into the kitchen tools drawer.

Last but definitely last least, New West is giving you a way to get your own four-piece knife set for free!  Just head over to their Facebook page and enter the Holiday Chef Knife Giveaway no later than December 10, 2012.

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  1. That looks like a good knife set. Im a fan and use Wusthof Knife Set – but this is one to check out. Thanks for the review

  2. Martha

    I own the carving knife. I will be buying more. My knife set is Henkel (not the bottom of the line) and these are far superior! I even sliced bread with the carving knife without crushing the bread. They are very pricey, but you can buy them gradually.and they are worth the investment.

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