OTC Recommends: Proraso Grooming Products

Over the past few years, the men’s grooming space has been a proving ground for the theory that we do, in fact, like to look good and treat our skin to something soothing an special every now and then.  And while new brands, often presented in appropriately industrial-looking packaging do indeed offer some outstanding options, the real deal is often the best find.

Italian brand Proraso is just that, the real deal.  One of the original purveyors of luxury shaving products in Italy, Proraso still uses natural ingredients such as eucalyptus and menthol, shea butter, santal oil, green tea, and even oatmeal extract.

Their shaving cremes are soothing, dense and incredibly soothing.  You can choose a classic soap, necessitating an equally classic badger brush, or opt for the thick, rich shaving foam if time is of the essence.

Pictured above, their after shave lotion is cooling, toning, and smells refreshing.  It also has a dash of Witch Hazel, which helps to reduce rashes and razor burn.

The packaging too is spot on.  The overall design has a completely traditional air to it and the logo is strait out of local Italian barber shop central casting.  Give Proraso a try and add a little dolce vita to your morning routine.

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  1. JM

    Have been using their products for years. Their shaving foam is the best! And have received many compliments on the after shave lotion- nice fresh scent!

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