OTC Heads to Nantucket (Brand Roundup)

DSC 0267 1024x596 OTC Heads to Nantucket (Brand Roundup)

Last month, the OTC crew loaded up and decamped to the wonderful island of Nantucket.  Apart from being the advertizing byword of preppy lifestyle brands, it is also place rich in history and the default vacation destination for generations of New Englanders.

Nantucket is a laid back home to several thousand year-round residents and temporary playground for hundreds of thousands of visitors looking for a little bit of that classic Northeast lifestyle.

Since we were staying for a week, the gang, part of which flew in from LA, opted for a house rental.  By no means one of those Architectural Digest vacation palaces, OTC base camp was instead a wonderfully old, creaky, and non-central air equipped shingle house.  It was comfy, roomy, and most importantly, walking distance to Children’s Beach and the White Elephant.  Altogether, vintage Nantucket.

Keeping us company was a collection of some of the outstanding brands that we have profiled on OTC over the years – we lived in American Giant tees and pocket polos on this trip – and a few we will soon profile in more detail.  In this first installment of our Nantucket review, we’ll introduce you to some great products for your next trip and show you how we put many of them to use “on-island.”

Goruck GR1 Backpack
More than any other OTC partner, Goruck was literally with us every step of this trip. From being an all purpose carry-on, walking Nantucket’s cobblestone streets, or biking across the island during a nasty heat wave (albeit to Cisco Brewery), our GR1 was the ultimate travel companion.

The flagship model of this Made in America brand is tough, sturdy, well-balanced, and incredibly comfortable on the go.  The company’s product testing?  Active duty Special Forces operators on missions we’ll never hear about.  Needless to say, it is designed and built to be the only backpack you should ever need.

Intelligently laid out internal pockets and MOLLE webbing throughout allow for customized load distribution.  In our case this translated into maps, snacks, camera, sunblock, notebook, water, beach toys, shell collection, and of course Stuffy the dog.

DSC 02811 1024x685 OTC Heads to Nantucket (Brand Roundup)

OTC’s GR1; from plane to bike to beach to hoofing it, a reliable workhorse that looks great.

DSC 0261 1024x685 OTC Heads to Nantucket (Brand Roundup)

Huge capacity, in this case for a new pair of Nantucket Reds from Murray’s Toggery. Carabiner for toting sand pails to the beach is vintage 1970s (thanks bro!).

DSC 02731 1024x705 OTC Heads to Nantucket (Brand Roundup)

In situ: Goruck GR1 and Starboard Clothing Co. ball cap.

DSC 0242 685x1024 OTC Heads to Nantucket (Brand Roundup)

The classically nautical Starboard Clothing Co. ball cap.

DSC 02451 1024x685 OTC Heads to Nantucket (Brand Roundup)

John Varvatos for Ernst Benz ChronoScope. OTC already profiled this amazing timepiece, check it out.

DSC 0424 1024x660 OTC Heads to Nantucket (Brand Roundup)

Our favorite office on the go. J. Panther Luggage Company’s Courier Ruc briefcase was OTC’s mobile home base. This bag might look elegant but it’s built for NYC-level abuse.

DSC 0418 1024x685 OTC Heads to Nantucket (Brand Roundup)

The innovatively classic J. Panther Courier Ruc in office mode – working on the porch.

DSC 0420 1024x685 OTC Heads to Nantucket (Brand Roundup)

Inside the Courier Ruc: Field Notes and Molskine notebooks, BillyKirk No. 217 zippered wallet, R. Horn’s 8 pocket wallet, and Frank Clegg for OTC alligator iPhone sleeve.

DSC 0319 1024x685 OTC Heads to Nantucket (Brand Roundup)

On our little OTC, Hardling-Lane’s Needlepoint Striped Bass Ball Cap.

DSC 0330 1024x685 OTC Heads to Nantucket (Brand Roundup)

L.I. Sounders “Sounders” sunglass strap, invaluable for keeping our John Varvatos shades close at hand.

DSC 03291 1024x685 OTC Heads to Nantucket (Brand Roundup)

Another view of the L.I. Sounder’s shade anchors.

IMG 5996 1024x768 OTC Heads to Nantucket (Brand Roundup)

A plethora of Kiel James Patrick’s nautically inspired bracelets.

DSC 02781 1024x617 OTC Heads to Nantucket (Brand Roundup)

Always nearby; Frank Clegg for OTC, leather and alligator iPhone and iPad cases.


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  1. Douglas says:

    Is that a Parker Duofold? RollerBall or Fountain Pen?

  2. OTC says:

    Yes, it is a Parker Duofold Roller Ball, circa 1995ish. It’s a great pen, not too large or too small. Had it monogrammed.

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