OTC Find: Triple Aught Design’s Flux Hoodie



It’s winter, it’s cold, and it’s time to head out for a run.  What to wear?

OTC recently teamed up with San Fransisco-based Triple Aught Design (TAD) to test out its refreshingly modern take on the hooded sweatshirt.  Now, some may say, “Sweatshirts? I thought OTC was all about ‘classic, modern, and style.'”  And that’s exactly what we are all about.  But those enduring attributes can also be found in many things, from shoes to furniture, cars to watches.  So, when we learned about TAD and it’s unique tactical-take on active wear clothing and accessories, we knew it was a great fit with OTC’s mission.

While we are obvious fans of the finer things in life, when not at the office, on the town, or at the club, most of us are not, in fact, hanging out in the library sporting bespoke cords and grandfather’s Harris Tweed jacket.  Indeed, just like everyone else, we want comfortable but well-built casual clothes that perform whether we are relaxing around the house or running errands.

To that end, we see the Flux as a great grown-up, pared-down layer for taking a hike, a run, or the kids to school.  It has clean lines and a minimalist look characteristic of TAD’s design aesthetic, but which is also distinctive from other sportswear brands.  This pullover has a decidedly masculine, tactical look to it but is neutral enough to pair well with jeans or khakis.

It’s design also has a number of functionally useful details that lend credibility to to the garment’s practical role.  Made in America, the stitching and overall build are solid.  Its sightly elongated sleeves comfortably accommodate use of the thumb holes in cooler weather (as shown above), and the hood is designed to lay flat against the wearer’s back when not being worn; a helpful feature when being layered under a shell.  The body side of pass-through hand warmer pocket is actually lined with a moisture wicking mesh that also reduces bulk.  The Flux’s exterior is an abrasion-resistant layer that is backed by a comfortable Merino wool lining.

Pictured above is the Flux during some OTC product testing – in this case, a winter’s day run.  The Merino wool watch cap is also from TAD.

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  1. Vern Trotter

    The danger in wearing a hood here in New York is that you are likely to be stopped and frisked! Double likely if I wear my Red Sox hood.

    How about a Harris Tweed hood?

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