OTC Find: Ties From Tieroom

Founded in Sweden in 2005, Tieroom sells a variety of high quality and reasonably priced neck ties, bow ties, and pocket squares.  The company recently launched operations in the United States and is making inroads into key necktie markets like Washington, D.C. and New York.  OTC checked out several of their linen neckties and found them to be a solid value.

Substantial but not stiff and easy to tie, these Tieroom ties are modern without looking trendy.  Too often, “modern” reads skinny or funky, when what guys really want is something trim enough to be contemporary but traditional enough to be worn for more than six months.

Tieroom offers options in silk, wool, and linen and nice mix of textures and patterns including repps, paisley, dots.  For the most part, we like the selections although some of the patterns are a bit much for our taste – however, that is very much an issue of personal taste.

The primary brand carried at Tieroom is the Swedish label, Notch.  Notch ties are well made and as you can see from our shot of the Diter, above, have a nice texture and lay well.  The tie shown here is in their “classic” width of 3 1/8 inches, and at $32, is an affordable addition to our tie rack. We also checked out the Mac and Mendel linen ties and have equally solid praise.

Most neckties are offered in “classic” and “slim” widths.  As we mentioned above, prices are very reasonable for the quality.  Silk neckties cost $29, linen neckties $32, and wool ties $37.  Purchasing three or more neckties or bow ties will earn you a very nice $5 discount per product.  Shipping is free regardless of the number of items ordered.

Overall, we were very impressed with Tieroom’s ties.  While they don’t claim to compete with the likes of Brooks Brothers or Hermes, they feel and wear like ties you want to hold onto for a long time.  And, from an American perspective, they have a certain European-ness that is hard to define, but very much adds to their appeal.

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