A Night of BeSpeaking With Alan Flusser

On Wednesday evening the inaugural BeSpeak Sartorial Summit was held at Alan Flusser’s Custom shop in NYC.  It was a unique opportunity for some of the top menswear, trad and fashion bloggers to meet and mingle with Alan Flusser and some seriously well connected insiders.

Equally important was the chance to learn all about Flusser’s amazing iPhone application from the man himself.  Nearly 30 bloggers, publishers, style leaders and a couple of well-known names spent the evening with the BeSpeak team, learning about this innovative tool and chatting with the legendary Alan Flusser about the art and science of dressing well.

Michael Drake, the founder of Drakes-London and style legend in his own right, was in town and joined us as well.  Michael’s ties and other luxurious accessories are some the finest available and he’s even made ties, pocket squares and scarves for Alan’s shop over the years.

Robert Bryan, the founder of one of the most iconic men’s style magazines, “M”, was also in attendance.  For those seriously interested in classic style and menswear, “M” – published in the late 1980s through early 1990s – is still considered one of the forerunners to today’s men’s lifestyle magazines.  As you might suspect, he was impeccably attired.

We were also honored to have the editor and men’s fashion editor from RalphLauren.com, some heavy hitters from Brooks Brothers and the publisher of the forthcoming, and rabidly expected, Take Ivy reprint.  On that note, a head’s up – the entire first printing is already sold out and it hasn’t even hit the shelves yet!

Equally important are the outstanding blogs that showed up, including Rugby, Street Etiquette, The Trad, Alex Grant, Image Granted, The Mod Revival and Made To Measure.  Thanks for spending the evening with us guys!

For more information on BeSpeak, make sure to visit www.BeSpeak.com or stop by our home on Facebook.  You can also check out OTC’s own dedicated BeSpeak page.

Here are some more pictures from the event:

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  1. Ari

    Looks like fun. Enjoyed this post; great reporting. Now, if I can only understand the appeal of going sockless . . .

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