The Best: Monocle Turns Five

Launched in 2007 as a new concept in print journalism, this March Monocle celebrates its fifth anniversary.  One of our favorite, or rather favourite, publications, Monocle has grown into a unique and substantive media presence.

With its flagship magazine, online home base, retail arm, Monocle 24 radio broadcast (and iPhone app), and Bloomberg television show, Monocle’s footprint has carefully and deliberately expanded in a targeted approach which neither cannibalizes itself nor devalues the overall brand. Monocle’s hip seasonal Alpino and Mediteranio newspapers support the magazine in a clever and resort-focused fashion and are themselves collectable – like the bookish magazines.

Monocle’s ownership structure and the family-like nature of its core investors allow the company to develop innovative and intellectual products and services that under traditional corporate models would never see the light of day.

Not only has this approach worked, it has created – along with founder and editor-in-chief Tyler Brûlé – a profitable, popular brand that is beloved by its affluent, cultured and globe hopping readers.

We vote with our wallets; OTC’s library has every issue except one; the first.  Dear Monocle, would you perhaps have a spare Issue 1 lying about Midori House…?

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