Lodinatt: A Korean Bag Brand to Watch

Just received this great @lodinattofficial convertible #briefcase all they way from #korea. They just launched a line of bags for men and asked that we take a look. Our initial assessment is very positive. It feels like a solid and well made #bag. Classic, functional design crafted from dense, high quality nylon with leather details. #lodinatt

While Lodinatt is a new bag brand to most Americans, the label has been paired with stylish South Koreans since its launch in 2012. The name is actually a compound that combines mixed three Swedish words: Liv (Life), Dag (Day), and Natt (Night). The representation is that Lodinatt bags accompany you through your daily life.

Although the label originally focused on women’s bags, they recently launched an interesting men’s collection and we had the opportunity to test out the new convertible briefcase/backpack in navy. It’s always a special experience to take a look at something otherwise not seen in your market.

Out @lodinattofficial bag in the field today. Still liking it very much. There is a hint of 1980s retro about it, but the overwhelming style is classic functional/mountain gear. Good interior design and roomy pockets and compartments.

After toting around this compact bag for a few weeks, our initial assessment is very positive. Crafted from dense, high-quality nylon polymide fabric, it has the solid and substantial feel of a well-made bag that can sometimes be lacking in fabric briefcases. It is smartly laid-out and the multitude of pockets work well in both briefcase and backpack modes.

As with most bags that are intended to convert from horizontal to vertical orientations, no one design wins out completely. While in backpack mode, the shoulder straps are sturdy and comfortable, provide good support, and balance the bag nicely. However, it’s as a briefcase that the bag truly shines and seems best suited.

The classic, functional design is reminiscent of 1980s hiking gear, updated and streamlined for both today’s aesthetics and modern, urban life. When in briefcase mode, the shoulder straps tuck into the padded back section of the bag and the numerous organizational pockets smartly distribute your gear.

The cushioned laptop sleeve is actually oriented for the backpack mode, which can make is somewhat awkward to get your computer in and out. However, the outer zipper fully extends around the end of the back, which is helpful.

As the brand, Lodinatt bags are designed to be a personal expression that support your sense of style, not dominate it. That translates to a philosophy of creating products that are light and practical, stylish but not too trendy, and use animal hides as little as possible. Indeed, the only leather on our bag is the handle wrap.


Our overall assessment of this creatively compact and well-designed bag is that at US$188.00, it’s a very well-priced investment if you are looking for an all-around work bag that can also do double-duty as a roomy everyday bag. As you might expect, the details are done very well: tight stitching; flat and even seams; robust zippers, hardware, and handles; and elegant but low-key branding.

Lodinatt is a brand we are proud to recommend – and we look forward to their next crop of men’s bags.










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