Lax Playground’s Convertable Shorts

Lacrosse Playground Convertible Short Detail (Red)

With summer in full swing, you can never have too many shorts.  Lacrosse Playground has come up wish a pretty cool pair of casual, multipurpose shorts that we simply love.

Their Convertible Shorts are classic-fitting and made with a quick-dry polyester microfiber that also has a clever water-activated pattern. Once you get them wet, a pattern appears – like this Irish setter repeat – and you’ve got a whole new, fun look.

The clean design of these shorts means that they can be worn for a variety of occasions and serve multiple purposes – hence the “Convertible Shorts” moniker. Perfect for backyard sports or a trip to the beach, they are classic looking, durable and very lightweight. Our tester for these shorts was no other than OTC photographer, Steve Ritchie. His verdict? We are not getting them back.

What we really like is that a functional and simple design really gets the job done. The front pockets are angled of ease of access and a zippered back pocket with a waterproof “wallet” keeps small items secure.  The quick drying fabric technology transforms your shorts back to their original color in under 20 minutes.

The Convertible Shorts have a seven inch inseam, and please note that they are cut very generously. For a traditional, comfortable fit, we recommend going a size down in most cases.



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