Last-Minute gift? Layrite Pomade

Layrite Pomade

Are you looking for a last-minute stocking stuffer, or an easy gift for that guy with pretty good hair who seems to have everything? Allow the staff at OTC to humbly suggest the best darn hair pomade we have ever come across.

Layrite Super Hold may have some great throw-back graphics and look like something your great-grandfather might have used, but this brand was founded in 1999 and does an amazing job of making today’s guys look pretty sharp. It easily keeps your hair in place without any of the sticky tackiness normally associated with with pomades. We love it and swear by the stuff.

As is often the case with these cool brands, the story of how this one came to be is just as interesting as the product itself. Layrite’s history actually begins back in ’99 with the opening of a classic barber shop and shaving parlor in Costa Mesa, California. The rockabilly styled shop was built to provide guys with a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere of a real man’s sanctuary; like you’ve just time-warped yourself back into the 1940s. Old school stuff.

Fast forward to 2001. After several months of development, Layrite Deluxe Pomade was created as a solution to a persistent problem. Too many customers were coming in with too much unworkable goop in their hair, so the staff developed their own. All those super cool retro coifs required some strong but unobtrusive hair care product with which the barbers could easily work.

And, as you may have guessed, it was a hug hit. That one product grew into a family of products to meet the varying needs of their many customers. Thus was created the Layrite Fine Grooming Products label. As with any great entrepreneurial narrative, it seems right that the homemade pomade spawned its own unintended business, which brings us back to the initial point…

Give their stuff a try, it’s great. And, the great story doesn’t hurt either.


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