Johnston & Murphy Conard Wingtip – The Shoe of Summer

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Some things just say summer: sweet tea; old, faded Nantucket Reds; a seersucker suit and Panama hat; and to us, a nice pair of neutral suede correspondent shoes. Also referred to as spectator and co-respondent shoes, these classic warm weather brogues are both a throwback to the golden years of menswear – generally given to be the 1920s through 1940s – and a modern statement on the value of classic style.

A fantastic modern adaptation of this iconic shoe is the new Conard Wingtip from Johnston & Murphy. Available in three colorways, we chose the tone-on-tone grey and off-white suede palette. It’s a more casual combination that can be dressed down or up as desired and, as they become more weathered, will develop a careworn personality that speaks to our Ivy League sensibilities.

We have partnered with Johnston & Murphy to give away a pair Conards to one lucky OTC reader – see the details below.

For a more formal option, the tan calfskin and beige linen model is an on-point example of how to reference classic flair in a modern shoe. It possesses a lawn party sort of glamor, but the contemporary shape and styling read “today” without sacrificing the style and texture that make this a truly classic shoe. Lastly, the Conard comes in a tan, all-calfskin model.

2015-05-18 14.16.37Johnston & Murphy also took the time to modernize the shoe’s interior, making it all-day comfortable. This is not a minor point. While men are becoming more attuned to the style and design of their footwear, they are not women. If the shoes hurt, back in the box they go; it doesn’t matter how cool they look. In addition to a lightly cushioned foot bad, the shoe has good arch support and a firm but flexible fit overall.

We quite literally took the shoes out of the box, put them on, and walked around the city all day. Broken in comfort right from the start.

The full leather lining makes going sock-less an option and, by the way, the suede model looks great with shorts.

Win Your Own Pair of J&M Conard Wingtips

How would like your own pair of summer wingtips? OTC has joined forces with Johnston & Murphy to make it happen for one OTC reader. So, throw your hat in the ring and you may be walking in warm weather style!

Entering is quick and easy:

  1. Leave comment telling us why you need some summer footwear swagger
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That’s it! The giveaway closes on Friday, May 29, 2015.


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  1. Mark

    Those shoes would go great with the white pants I don’t have and the polo I don’t play! Seriously though, they are unique and I have a suit for them. They’d be perfect California shoes!

  2. Hi Tom, thanks for sharing your opinion. However, we were not paid to write about these wingtips. While we received a pair to test and review, the choice to run this giveaway – in which we gather you will not participate – was ours. Thanks again for the comment.

  3. Whoever says these shoes are hideous is welcome to their opinion, provided they are American it’s in their first amendment rights, but it doesn’t mean that the rest of us share that opinion. Not only are wingtip shoes stylish, but they’re also timeless. They are usually quite comfortable, because they’re made well, (as with these in particular) and they say much about the man who is wearing them. Wingtip shoes say confidence and style, and they’re an attractive and essential part of any wardrobe.

  4. Vin

    I think the color combination is a little off, but that is largely a personal preference. I do have concerns with J&M quality though. These shoes are not good-year welted.

  5. J&M makes some cool shoes, but I normally stick to the cap toe shoes, rather than the wing tip shoes! Yes, they may be a bit pricey, but, their shoes emit a sense of style and class – shoes are well worth it!

  6. Hey Tammy, that is great! Thank you!I don’t normally limit word cotnus, but 100 to 200 words would be perfect. I like to have a little bit of info about the type of walking you id in the shoes: I’m a marathon walker who trains up to XX miles per week. I wore these shoes XX miles.

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