John Varvatos Sunglasses

The folks over at John Varvatos were kind enough to send over a pair of sunglasses from the brand’s new retro collection.

For it’s latest ad campaign, Varvatos has partnered with Green Day, the band which basically created the distinctive rock-punk hybrid sound.  Green Day sports several versions of these sunglasses in the new ad campaign, as well as being fully outfitted in classic John Varvatos rocker duds.

The Varvatos brand has a famously tight association with the music industry and it’s fashion sensibilities reflect this longstanding relationship.

While not what we typically sport here at OTC, we have always liked John Varvatos’ unabashedly and unwavering devotion to the genre.  None of that, “hey, we’re all about rock ‘n roll style now.”  It’s what they do and they do it well, effortlessly shifting between music exec cool and rocker casual.

The sunglasses themselves are a modern take on a classic frame.  Transparent on the front with grey mottled tortoise arms, they are a nice mid-sized frame.  The guitar head detail on the arm hinge is subtle enough to blend into the overall design and not stand out.  Greyed lenses both match the frame’s style and provide nice eye protection without feeling blacked out.

This retro frame also comes in an outstanding brown tortoise for a more traditional take.  You can find them here.  Rock on.

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