Jack’s New Bag, Courtesy of Ralph Lauren

As most of OTC’s readers know, I am a bag guy. I commute to work by train, which of course necessitates a good bag, but I also have a thing about carrying too much stuff on my person.

The search for the elusive perfect guy bag has been, and continues to be, a mission of mine. I have had some successes – Jack Spade’s Canvas Day Bag is a great option, as is Ghurka’s classic and pricey Examiner.

I have also written on the most famous of all man bags, Indiana Jones’ modified British Mark VII gas mask bag.

Jack Bauer (Keifer Sutherland), of the television show “24”, has done a lot to bring the man bag back to the forefront. The original “Jack sack”, as Bauer’s varying bags came to be called, became a cult hit. Inexpensive and readily available, it’s also a great bag in real life; roomy, good pockets, durable and classically functional looking.

The original Jack Sack

I received a number of requests to track down the identity of the current season-eight bag. This one is leather and a bit more fancy than Jack’s typical military inspired bags. So, I went strait to the 24-obsessed experts at The Jack Sack and now have the answer. It’s from Ralph Lauren.

Season 8’s bag of choice

The bag is the Double RL leather Mail Bag and based on the classic American letter carrier bag. Only a few months ago I had this very same bag in my hand while on a visit to the Ralph Lauren store in Georgetown. I really liked it, but at nearly $900, I gave it a pass.

Ralph Lauren also makes a more elegant version of the bag in the form of their Deerfield Leather mail bag, but that one is priced around $1,200.
The leather on this one, however, is amazing.

Ralph Lauren’s Deerfield

The original reinterpretation of this iconic work satchel was made by J. Peterman and is still available at less painful $300. A few years ago I tested this bag, a gift to me from John Peterman, and it’s still one of my all-time favorites.

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