Hall & Madden: Shirts Just for You

If there is one trend in menswear today bringing about real change in both how guys dress and how they shop, it is customization.  Depending on your outlook, the ability for a man to purchase clothing that fits just right and do it online is either a godsend or a tragedy.

For some in the fashion literati, fixated on the minutiae of bespoke and “true” custom, the rise of online custom clothing is mildly distressing.  To these folks, the only kind of custom clothing that matters is that which takes time, requires multiple visits to a tailoring atelier, and costs more money than most people are prepared to spend on a suit or a shirt.

H&M Photo1For the rest of us, the ability to get clothing that fits us just right, at an affordable price, and in a timely fashion is groundbreaking.  In many ways, it has re shaped the fashion expectations of stylish guys across the world.  And one small brand is working hard to ensure that they deliver not only affordable style to their customers but also outstanding clothes you will wear for a long time.  And, with that kind of starting point, it is easier than ever to start building a fresher, renewed wardrobe that better reflects your own sense of style and also fits you better.

The detail-obsessed team of co-founders Richard Hall and McGregor Madden has developed an efficient and quality-focused model that allows them to deliver extremely high quality men’s shirts at seriously affordable prices.  The new concept, Hall & Madden, is a web-based brand that makes some of the highest quality dress shirts to be found.  These guys have done to shirting what they did to suiting with their other brand, Proper Suit.  Hall & Madden shirts are equal to if not better than some of the most expensive off-the-rack shirts out there – and a few custom labels to boot.

Hall & Madden does not make custom shirts.  Instead, they have a set collection of three core shirt designs – slim, athletic, and classic – that reflect most body types. The consistent styling across these models reflects a clean and modern sensibility.  While one can certainly wear a tie with these shirts, the collar style, a shortened hybrid spread, was specifically selected for it’s ability to look great without one.

With a variety of fabrics and patterns, these shirts are outstanding.  And, delivered in sets of three for $150, they are a remarkable bargain.

The web-based company takes a vertical integration approach to business, so these shirts are designed, manufactured, and shipped through Hall & Madden’s value chain.  This operational advantage is reflected in the price and in the focus on quality and service.

When we asked co-founder McGregor Madden to highlight the advantages of Hall & Madden shirts, he noted that the business model was geared for busy customers who see the benefits of outsourcing.  Their customers don’t’ have to hop in the car and head out to the store.  Guys get shirts when they need them and skip the mall and hassle, saving time and money.

Each subscriber gets access to a team that will help round out their wardrobe and fast, free shipping.  The kind of quality they sell could easily go for $165 or more per shirt.  The sizing is similar to Hugo Boss, and because the fit is predictable, customers know exactly what they are getting.

Madden also likes to point out that with Hall & Madden, there is no buyer’s remorse.  All their shirts are always sold at the same low price all the time.

We can say that from our perspective, Hall & Madden is a refreshing change from the ordinary.  We expect that our closet will be Hall & Madden territory from this point forward.

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  1. PJG

    I was very excited when I started reading this post because I find it nearly impossible to find dress shirts that fit. In reading the sizing chart for these guys, it comes very close but they still miss the mark. The “slim fit” shirt would only run a little big in the body but the 35/36 sleeve is a complete deal breaker.

  2. MJO

    I’m a 36.5″ neck and a 34/35 sleeve. Their size chart says I’m getting a 35/36 sleeve with my 16.5″ collar. I’m giving it a shot. (Just ordered my first batch this week.) But we’ll see. While I understand that they need volume to maintain the price point, they need to at least offer a range of collar AND sleeve options.

  3. Tom

    I had the same problem, I mean congrats to the folks that are a 18″ 37/37.5 but how about some other sleeve sizes for folks. I’d pay and extra $5 per shirt for sleeve options if that would help offset some cost.

  4. Carl Bock

    Nice concept guys…..but you are running an almost one size fits all shop here. I am 6’6″ with an 18″ neck and 34″ waste….I guess I need a tailor

  5. Joe L

    I tried but couldn’t find a size that fit. Went through 4 different style & size combos but unfortunately nothing worked. Worst part is that they grabbed me for shipping returns twice. I paid for the original return…subsequent returns were covered (they sent a prepaid label). After several tires to find the right fit, I finally gave up. When I asked for a return label, they quoted a policy that only exchanges were covered. I explained that I had paid for the first return/exchange and the response was “it’s a new policy.” I guess they weren’t too concerned about me after it was established that I wouldn’t be an ongoing client. Overall, shirts seem to be of good quality but sizing is like hitting the wardrobe lottery unless you can try on the Hugo Boss shirts first.

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