Grooming Find: Philips Bodygroom Pro

While OTC is not a grooming site per se, the issue of personal care an appearance often comes up.  Mostly it’s in the form of reader emails; what is the best strait razor or shaving creme? How about Australian hair gel or Italian toothpaste?

Sometimes, however, the issue is a little more….personal.  While beards and mustaches have made a comeback in a steampunk kind of way, an overall well-groomed appearance is still the goal of many men.

And so, we present the Philips Norelco Bodygroom Pro 2040.  It’s essentially a shaver for everything but your face.

The Bodygroom Pro is made just for men, has received great reviews from users, including this one, and actually serves a real purpose.  If you deal with a lot of body hair, it can be very frustrating to find a good tool that gets the job done and doesn’t take you apart in the process.  The ergonomic handle makes it easy to hold in the shower – it’s 100% waterproof – and the trimmer’s five length settings work with different body hair lengths.

The handy flip-out stand is also the charging base and overall, the Bodygroom Pro does not take up too much space on the counter.  So, if you need it, this is an outstanding other shaver!

And keep your eyes peeled because we plan on doing a giveaway with Philips Norelco, where you can get your very own Bodygroom Pro.

Thanks to Philips Norelco for providing OTC with a Bodygroom Pro for our review.


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  1. Darran

    Im definitely interested in the giveaway you’ll be having. People have been calling me a monkey since junior high and I’d love something that can tame my out-of-control body hair.

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