Glendon Lambert: Global Citizen Based in Brooklyn

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Whenever we have the opportunity to meet a new brand and examine products carefully crafted by someone obsessed with expressing who they are, what they value, or perhaps how they see the world, we take our time to tell the story. There have been instances when when a few weeks or even a month or two may pass before we render an opinion and share our thoughts. In this case, it still took a little while – but for all the best reasons.

Glendon Lambert is a wonderful Brooklyn-based accessories brand. While it seems like every accessories brand is currently based in Brooklyn, the products on offer from this truly we-composed label are not kitsch or particularly trendy. They are deceptively exquisite items masquerading as potential furnishings for hipsters who are now grown up. Narrow professorial yet iconoclastic ties, artisanal wool pocket squares, and the obligatory bow tie all speak to what you would expect from a Brooklyn borough haberdashery.

GL_Design Package

Here’s the thing, though. We love a great bow tie and have been fans of the Ivy League history don look longer than most of our readers have been alive. As for pocket squares, well, they are possibly the most useful piece of male peacockery invented. Those points aside, what shines through in materials, detail, and construction is Glendon Lambert Breismeister’s (yes, that’s really his name) love of his craft.

Classic in form and material, yet fresh and contemporary in execution, his seasonal bright green color-blocked pocket square crafted from worsted Mexican wool is fun yet substantial.  In fact, many of the wools used are made exclusively just for them.

The Chain Link tie rendered in a light natural linen decorated with a mid-century inspired red link pattern is beautifully finished but not at all stuffy or ironic. It’s a clever, sharp tie that will get a lot of use for quite some time.

So, the reason it took us a while to tell their story is that this jewel of a brand has done it right. Glendon has a voice and it’s a clear one. He has a viewpoint and its distinctive. And, he has a standard for his brand and its very high. No surprise then, that Glendaon Lambert will be rolling out shirting and leather bags in the near future. Something tells us they’ll be pretty darn good too.

Reflective of this high standard is the fact that Glendon Lambert is carried through the online retailer Roztayger, home to a wonderfully curated collections of luxury bags, accessories, and apparel for both men and women. In fact, the Roztayger team helped bring the brand to our attention.

We are particular fans of Roztayger because they seek out, as their website puts it, “smaller, independent-minded designers that don’t follow trends or forecasts but rather draw upon ideas that have come before while applying their own vision and innovation… what results is timeless, beautiful and infinitely useful.” We could not have said it better.

GL_ChateuToile3_1024x1024 GL_Chain_Linen_Necktie_Rosso_1024x1024 GL_BRIGHTLIGHTS_1024x1024 BL_FLANNELDOTS12_1024x1024

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  1. Lucy

    on the note of interesting fabrics now used for ties, what do you think of the printed shirt trend? Do you think there’s room in men’s collared shirts for “classic in form and material, yet fresh and contemporary in execution”? One I’ve been watching/monitoring is called Topology, sourcing interesting textiles from Japan:

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