Father’s Day: Prep Time with Daniel Wellington

Daniel-Wellington-Watch-of-the-Week-635-2Few brands are able to instantly create a market space that seems to have always been there for them. Although new, these objects feel well worn and established. Daniel Wellington is one such brand; it’s a relatively new preppy inspired watch company that feels as though it’s been around forever.

We all know the look; timeless Ivy League style that brings together simple classics and heirloom favorites. Founded with the idea of recreating the classically simple timepieces often favored by American East Coast preppies, Daniel Wellington updates this iconic watch for the modern world.

To be sure, for the stylish dad, a Daniel Wellington watch, along with a few fun straps for different days, make an excellent Father’s Day gift.

St.MawesSilverThe elegantly minimalist dial is so clean as to be moderne; stripped of all but the essentials and emphasizing flow and function. No date window, no second hand. What it does have is a powerful reference to what makes basic and straight-forward watches so attractive – simplicity.

Founder Filip Tysander sought to create a watch that speaks to time-worn preppy basics and that cultures’ well-known affection for functionality, purpose, and longevity.

Tysander named the brand after a globe-trotting friend who to him embodied all that was best in the preppy lifestyle and ethos. Mr. Wellington’s watch and well-worn ribbon strap were the inspiration for the company that came to bear his name.

The watch itself is a perfect storm of style, size, balance, and flexibility. The minimalist face allows it blend easily with almost any wardrobe, from black tie to beachwear. Available in silver or gold finish and priced around the US$200.00 mark, a Daniel Welligton watch is an easy and affordable style investment, even if you get one in each finish.

The brands’ association with colorful NATO style watch straps is also a huge draw for the preppy crowd as striped grosgrain watch straps are very much an authentic Ivy League accessory. Each watch comes with a link pin pusher that makes switching between their surprisingly nice leather straps and NATO straps quick and easy. This flexible interchangeability is a key feature that allows you to change your watch’s personality to mach your daily moods and needs.

Indeed, perusing the #danielwellington hashtag on Instagram shows the loving commitment of this brand’s many followers. In fact, shooting your DW watch in interesting and noteworthy places around the world has become its own trend.

At 38 and 40mm, the case sizes work well for most men’s wrists and project classic proportions that stand the test of time. And, since they are particularly slim watches – a mere 6 to 7mm – there is little bulk yet lots of elegance.

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