Fairchild Relaunches Menswear Magazine

OTC was recently given a sneak peak at the just-hit-the-newsstands relaunched Menswear magazine.  Menswear, published by the Fairchild Fashion Group, the heavyweight behind industry standards like WWD, folded only a couple of years ago, a victim of the declining ad sales that presaged the Great Recession.

In recent months however, the folks at Fairchild saw the opportunity to re-imagine the men’s focused trade publication in an updated and more insightful format.  They were kind enough to send over a couple of the inaugural issue’s stories for OTC’s readers to check out.

Read the cover story on actor Jeremy Renner, actually a pretty interesting guy with a distinct sense of style and self.

And many men, seeking a new definition of what it means to be a man, are now looking to our classically masculine past instead of the sometimes effete spa life. Menswear calls these guys retrosexuals, and this article is a great one.  In fact they let me post the first page of the paper edition below.  The full story is available HERE.

Distribution will be newsstand-only at $6 an issue.  As with the old format, menswear is a quarterly publication, so that translates to four issues per year.  The inaugural issue is on sale right now and the fall issue is scheduled to drop on October 18.  In 2011 the standard quarterly cycle kicks in to full production.

We are also happy to point out that our good friend and legendary menswear authority Alan Flusser was asked to contribute his thoughts to a sartorial leaders mind-meld addressing some of the key mistakes men make when it comes to getting dressed.  See what Mr Flusser has to say and read the whole article HERE.

So take a look and let us know what you think about the new and improved Mesnwear.

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  1. Ozstephen – I just updated the post and am checking with Fairchild, but I don’t think they current have a print subscription option. I’ll let you know when I confirm.

  2. bbrooke

    I recently picked up, at my local haberdasher, this Menswear issue that is profiled. I have to concurr this it is well done without the usual fluff that is seen in other “men’s magazines”.

  3. This looks like a very interesting publication. Definitely will be looking to pick it up. Do you know if there are particular places that I’d be more likely to find it? Or will it be widely distributed?

  4. Jeff

    I used to get Menswear in the mail, but I’ve since moved — and now I can’t find it anywhere. Any ideas where to look for a copy in Colorado? I’ve already checked Borders and Barnes & Noble without success. I know that Saks used to distribute copies, but that was the previous version years ago and I’ve had no luck there, either. Like Ozstephen above, I would love to find out from Fairchild how I can start getting this magazine again.

  5. DeVon

    Excellent write-up Chris, other articles that are worth reading in the reboot issue is the article on Raf Simons and the piece about the five most notable young designers from Tokyo. For those looking for a copy of Menswear in Washington, DC, you’ll find it at Books-A-Million.


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