Danish Short Film, “The Trench”

True Love Video is a small collective of filmmakers and creatives based in Copenhagen, Denmark.  Dedicated to exploring, “beauty and the human place in the Nordic nature,” they have released the first in a series of short films that capture iconic outerwear and the humans beneath.  The series, entitled UDE, begins with that most traditional of menswear garments, the trench coat.

An art house styled short, Trench is slightly moody, narrated in Danish, and doesn’t even have a guy in it.  What it does do is convey the ubiquity of menswear and its easy movement between intended purpose and daily life, like a thoughtful, solitary stroll along the quay.

True Love Video producer Emilie Bredtved Hansen told OTC, “We want you to think of these works as morning walks.  As Something simple and pleasant and without any higher purpose.”

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  1. Niels

    Thanks for your very interesting blog.

    This small movie is narrated in Danish, not Dutch.

    It is a small poem saying something like:

    In the wind
    I’m waiting
    Dust in the current of the wind
    over the drifting water
    took me up and away
    cut it through
    lay down in stead
    here – where I’m standing
    here – where I’m waiting

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