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Certain websites have a lot of influence when it comes to measuring your impact in the somewhat hazy universe of social media and the blogoshpere.  One of the biggest heavy hitters is, a hugely influential site for male consumers who are “style-makers and trend-spreaders.”

To help it’s readers get a handle on what menswear blogs they should be reading, Complex just released this incredibly detailed, handy, and downright witty guide to the best of the web for men.  We here at OTC are thrilled to not only be recommended by Complex, but highlighted for our unique take on making classic East Coast, Ivy League style cool enough for today’s guys.

We are also proud to be listed alongside some good friends and equally outstanding sites Ivy Style, The Trad, and Unabashedly Prep.



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  1. I don’t – at least not my own Ivy League degree. I believe that the Complex flow chart is written from the perspective of an individual seeking the right blog for them. So, when it says that “yes, in fact I do have an Ivy League background,” it is referring to the reader, not the blogger.

    That said, I grew up in a family closely tied to Yale University – so much so that we even have our own Mory’s cup; my great-grandfather’s. That exposure, from childhood onward, left a distinct and indelible mark on my life. In both in outlook on life and opinion on personal style, the influence of Yale and the Ivy League culture played a significant role in shaping my life in ways I never noticed.

  2. Karen Svoboda

    I have had a True Wind duffle bag for several years now (in fact, the same exact one as shown) and it has been a godsend. I can pack enough clothing, sandals, toiletries and even room for a book and magazine for long weekends. The construction of the bag is amazing, the detail and workmanship is impeccable and nothing like I have seen in the stores made by Ralph Lauren or anyone else. Best part is its Made in the USA!

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