Coming Soon: Aspetto for OTC

One of the great privileges and pleasures afforded to OTC is the opportunity to discover and introduce to our readers brands and craftsmen they might not otherwise ever hear about.  Clothier Aspetto, Inc., of Fredricksburg, Virgina, is such a company.  In the coming weeks we will be reviewing a custom three-piece suit from this relatively young company.

Founded in 2008 by Abbas Haider, Aspetto has already dressed a plethora of world class leaders, politicians, business professionals, celebrities, and athletes. Aspetto has also dressed members of numerous government and private agencies. How, you might wonder, does a custom clothier from a college town in Virgina achieve such a significant reach?

The impressive client list is helped by the unique reputation of Aspetto’s other business, American Armor Attire; a maker of world class custom bulletproof clothing.  American Armor was an extension of Haider’s tailoring business and began as a university class project.  Already in the custom clothing business, he developed the idea for customized bulletproof clothing of equal quality and detail.  As one of the only firms of its kind in the world, the brand is known to those in the know and in need of protective suits, blazers, shirts and pretty much anything else.

As impressive at the bulletproof suits are, we focus on a more metaphorical need for sartorial protection here at OTC.  When it comes to Aspetto, Haider makes sure that every client receives exceptional attention and focus. Suits are hand stitched and with 300 fabric options and horse-hair canvas lining, they have a lot to offer.  Personalized touches like working sleeve buttons, pick-stitching, and customized linings and collar felts are all offered at no additional cost.

From what we have found, Aspetto has a solid reputation for service and quality.  The suits’ model is, as is the trend these days, on the slimmer side.  However at our fitting we made a few adjustments to alleviate potential snug spots.

Below is the suiting fabric and lining with which we decided to go.

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  1. Bill Wallop

    Really excited about the growth of this company. Bought a suit from them a couple months ago and I’m in love with it.

  2. Magnus919

    Very interested in hearing more. Their web site is a little problematic / unrefined which may give one pause for concern. But at the end of the day, how are their suits? Customer service? Not much out there on the ‘net yet.

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