Chef Daniel De La Falaise, Playing at the Ritz, a new the recently launched e-shopping website, features weekly cover stories of iconic fashion and lifestyle personalities.  Last week’s cover story featured renowned private chef and style icon Daniel de la Falaise.  Shot at The Ritz Hotel in Paris, the beautiful and humorous images give a personal look into Daniel’s personality and wardrobe, among which is lots of vintage Yves Saint Laurent.

de la Falaise is perhaps best known to foodies as a celebrity private chef – though known mostly to celebrities and a rather exclusive clientele.  De la Falaise, talented in his own right, inherited a great deal of style and personality from his parents.  He also inherited a lot of suits.

Testament to his unique take on fashion, cooking, and living, The New York Times T Magazine recently profiled him as well.

His mother, Alexis Richard Dion Oswald Le Bailly de La Falaise, was a furniture designer who also appeared in the Andy Warhol film, “Tub Girls.”  His grandmother, Maxime de la Falaise, was a model, actress, and interior designer who also is remembered as a superlative food writer.  Also a confidant of Warhol, she was even known as The Factory Mother; “The Factory” being the artist’s famous studio.

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