Citizen Ecosphere: The Better Basic Watch

Another view of our @citizenwatchus Echosphere sport watch. All the style and rugged build of a #diverwatch without the bells and whistles. Clean, simple, and smart lines make it a great everyday watch that tells people you still like to get out and explore. Even if it's only a hike to the coffee shop. #menswatch #timepiece #watch #ecodrive

With all the talk of exotic timepieces and expensive, heritage watch brands, it’s easy to forget the attractions of a simple, straightforward watch. We love Rolex, Panerai, IWC, and Patek Philippe as much as anyone else, but we also know the value of keeping a few – or just one – everyday watch for everyday … [Read more…]

Corniche: A Watch Brand to Watch

Corniche-Heritage-40-Tuxedo-2 (rear)

It may not seem so, but the market for reasonably priced, well-made, and very well-styled timepieces is actually getting a bit crowded. Indeed, finding a sub-US$500.00 watch that you can wear with pride to the office, a dinner party, or out on the town has gotten much easier over the past two years or so. … [Read more…]

The JG6500: A Watch Fit for a President, or for You

Obama Watch_6_OTC_NATO

When Barack Obama first took the oath of office back in 2009 to become America’s 44th president, many of the menswear cognoscenti were picking apart his various wardrobe choices. Some were scandalous (white pique bow tie with a dinner jacket at the presidential ball!), while others were less dramatic (a nicely tailored Chicago-made Hart Schaffner Marx … [Read more…]

OTC at the New York Launch Party for the Book “Rowing Blazers”

Rowing Blazers FYG Shoes

Last week, we traveled up to New York City for the invitation-only party to celebrate the U.S. launch of the new book Rowing Blazers. Held at the newly inaugurated Polo/Ralph Lauren flagship store on Fifth Avenue – opening only days earlier – the event was a fun, crowded,  and sartorial cacophony of colors and patterns. … [Read more…]

Totally Unique: Da Luca Watch Straps


Handmade and totally unique, Da Luca watchstraps are one of a kind. Sourced from new and vintage leathers, they are equal parts  investment and a celebration of craftsmanship. Each watch strap is one of a kind – literally. Every one of this San Diego-based company’s watch straps is an individual creation, never to be duplicated. … [Read more…]

Go Take A (Day) Hike


Now that the endless winter weather that has gripped much of the Northern hemisphere appears finally to be receding, it’s time to head outside for some much needed sunlight and fresh air.  One of the great pleasures of outdoor activities, apart from actually being active, is acquiring new equipment and gear designed for your back-to-nature … [Read more…]

2014 Preview: Casio’s G-Shock


On occasion, we receive solicitations to review products or services that are not exactly in our wheelhouse – women’s footwear, for example.  On occasion, we say, “sure, send it on over.”  Such was the case when Casio asked us to take a look at their 2014 G-Shock watch collection. While we are not a watch … [Read more…]