Behind the Scenes at Barbour

A Barbour jacket is perhaps one of the most iconic garments around today.  Even at a distance, they are immediately recognizable.  The Barbour  brand itself is synonymous with country living, horses, rolling estates, a stiff drink and, more than anything else, heritage. Your classic Beaufort or Bedale coat is meant to be with you for … [Read more…]

The Best: Monocle Turns Five

Launched in 2007 as a new concept in print journalism, this March Monocle celebrates its fifth anniversary.  One of our favorite, or rather favourite, publications, Monocle has grown into a unique and substantive media presence. With its flagship magazine, online home base, retail arm, Monocle 24 radio broadcast (and iPhone app), and Bloomberg television show, … [Read more…]

Wall Street: Back in Style

Wall Street is back, both in the theaters and in style. From Indochino’s swanky new collection to the next evolution of Brooks Brother’s Mad Men wardrobe, city elegance is looking strong this fall. OTC will be reviewing this new urban elegance and it honored to be working on a sartorial review of the new ‘Wall Street’ with Gordon Gekko’s original clothier, Alan Flusser.