Things That Last: The Classic Tote Bag

Things that never go out of fashion often seem to have a common thread. Sometimes it’s design or construction, maybe function or literal functionality. However, the one thing that tends to win out in the long run is utility. If something retains an ability to do its job over time, it will likely become a … [Read more…]

Making the College Professor Look your Own; Timeless Style that’s Always Current

If there is any one style that best defines East Coast, Ivy League, or OTC’ “house look,” for that matter, it is that of the iconic college professor. When most people think of college professors, a singular image often comes to mind: tweed and corduroy, grey flannel, well-worn leather shoes, a beat-up satchel, and some … [Read more…]

Father’s Day: Prep Time with Daniel Wellington

Few brands are able to instantly create a market space that seems to have always been there for them. Although new, these objects feel well worn and established. Daniel Wellington is one such brand; it’s a relatively new preppy inspired watch company that feels as though it’s been around forever. We all know the look; … [Read more…]

Go West Coast Prep With Johnnie-O

There is little argument that the preppy ethos is grounded in East Coast, Ivy League culture. Khakis, polos, boat shoes, tote bags, and nautical gear are all foundational elements of this most American of fashions. “Classic” preppy, as it were, has spawned a variety  of equally impactful offshoots. Southern preppy, for example, is a robustly … [Read more…]

Win a Bull+Moose Bow Tie

It’s no secret that we are big fans of tie-maker extraordinaire, Bull+Moose. One of the things that makes this brand noteworthy is that its exceptional ties are truly affordable and even include free shipping.  And, B+M ties, with material and construction quality at least equal to the likes of Brooks Brothers and Ralph Lauren, could … [Read more…]