The Noble x Bulleit Barrel-Aged Jeans Project

As many of you may recall, OTC is part of a very cool experiment being conducted by craft distiller Bulleit and premium jeans maker Noble Denim.

Cincinnati, OH, based Noble made us a pair of their fantastic jeans that were then specially aged in well-worn barrels, located somewhere out in the Tennessee woods, normally used for making Bulleit whiskey. This project is especially fun because while the idea was a great one, no one had any clue as to what the end result would be.

These jeans were made in a very small limited-edition batch, and we should be receiving the final product soon. We are particularly excited because, frankly, we have no idea what to expect. Once the jeans were assembled, into the barrels they went for a couple of months. When we get these truly unique jeans in our hands and see how they turned out, we’ll make sure to show them to you.

We are also happy to announce that in addition to their classic 13.75 Cone Mills denim hand-cut and sewn in Tennessee, Noble will be offering a Holiday limited edition jean made from a 15 oz. Japanese denim, available in the Truman Regular and the Earnest Slim fits.

We would be remiss if we did not also point out that Bulleit Bourbon, Rye and 10-Year also make great gifts and stocking stuffers. The Bulleit brand continues to set the bar for rye-forward whiskeys that are perfect for sipping on the rocks or mixing into classic holiday cocktails.

Check out some great images from the Noble Denim x Bulleit Barrel Aged project:

Jean The Noble x Bulleit Barrel Aged Jeans Project

IMG 6363 The Noble x Bulleit Barrel Aged Jeans Project

Noble Barrel Aged Jeans 28 The Noble x Bulleit Barrel Aged Jeans Project

jeancu5 The Noble x Bulleit Barrel Aged Jeans Project

Noble patch1 The Noble x Bulleit Barrel Aged Jeans Project

noblejean The Noble x Bulleit Barrel Aged Jeans Project

Noble hangtag1 The Noble x Bulleit Barrel Aged Jeans Project

jeancu3 The Noble x Bulleit Barrel Aged Jeans Project

Noblexbulleit1 The Noble x Bulleit Barrel Aged Jeans Project


HonourMark OTC 703x1024 Perfect: The HonourMark British Motorcycle Jacket
There are certain things in life that immediately speak to you. It’s the way you know with a single touch or glance that something is special, an example of craftsmanship set apart from others.

A Frank Clegg leather bag stands alone in the world of daily portage. A Jon Green bespoke suit is a sartorial second skin so expertly executed that it looks and feels molded to your body in flawless perfection.

And, now we can say that the British Motorcycle Jacket from San Francisco-based HonourMark is the standard for exceptional daily outerwear. Crafted from the best materials available and built with neurotic attention to detail, this jacket fits like a piece of tailored clothing yet is capable of taking on an adventure in the African veldt.

Moreover, this is a jacket that gets noticed all the time. We have lost track of all the “nice jacket,” “who makes that jacket,” and “oh my gosh, that’s beautiful” comments we have received. It really is that good.


When OTC first received the Motorcycle Jacket, we wrote, “Perhaps one of the single best garments we have ever had our hands on. You know when you just look at something and know it’s one of the best out there? Before you even touch it? That’s this jacket.”

That opinion still holds, and then some.

HonourMark’s goal, to create exceptional made-in-America garments that celebrate the Monday-Friday lives that all men lead, is born out in their dedication to craft the c-suite equivalent of technical adventure clothing. Expensive by most guy’s standards, these are meant to be jackets in which you invest, and which you wear day in and day out.

They are executive quality outerwear to replace the well-made but out of place mountaineering shells and jackets to which many men are drawn. Such gear is fine for the weekend, felt founder Michael DeNunzio, but they don’t work for the office.

DSC 0592 Perfect: The HonourMark British Motorcycle Jacket

The jacket’s body is crafted from Ventile, a naturally wind- and-water resistant material developed during World War II for the British Royal Air Force. This material has a substantial and sturdy hand, but is also pliable and quick to break in. The weave is so tight that you can quite literally pour a glass of water on the jacket and it will bead up and roll off.


The fit is particularly interesting because, while this jacket is based on an iconic design – a dashing but practical jacket for adventurous motorcycle riders – designer and co-founder Shaun Aharam re-imagined it as a refined and modernized classic. To de-clutter the body, he ditched the traditional belt and collar straps. The slimmer silhouette, higher armholes, and a shorter fit together create a fresh design that is both heritage-driven and thoroughly contemporary.

The British Motorcycle Jacket is also lined with an amazingly soft and durable Japanese yarn-dyed cotton. The hand-warmer pockets are also lined with with this fantastic and lightweight fabric. Sometimes, we just want to keep our hands in there to enjoy that perfect, soft coziness.

navy moto handwarmers large Perfect: The HonourMark British Motorcycle JacketThis unique lining also allows the jacket to maintain a comfortable mid-weight heft; not too think and not at all bulky. It’s just right with everything from a simple button down oxford to a beefy wool sweater. The sleeves are lined with a silk-like synthetic fabric from the same Japanese mill. The cuffs, collar, and flaps to the bellows pockets are also lined with a dense British corduroy, just right for cold, breezy days.

The slanted chest pocket, a trademark motorcycle jacket feature designed to facilitate easy access while on the road, has a handy inner sleeve that can securely hold your smart phone, pen, or keys. A no-snag bi-directional zipper stays secure behind the full-length storm flap.

One detail that really speaks to HonourMark’s fixation on creating something unique and quality-driven are the snaps. Forged in Kentucky, each snap is military grade and backed with a perfectly cut Napa leather washer. This combination creates a durable closure and also protects the jacket’s Ventile fabric for years to come.

As with every other feature, even the particular shade of colors offered (navy and black) are designed to compliment almost any wardrobe pairing. Ours is the navy blue model and truth be told, it goes with everything – even our favorite navy Read Wall chinos.


Grounded in classic, functional workwear, HonourMark has elevated the everyday, multi-season jacket to a wardrobe essential. Production runs are small, meaning that each of the three jacket styles (and one fantastic vest) offered, is a limited edition. The other jacket styles are also elevated versions of classic menswear pieces: the car coat and the quilted estate jacket. Their quilted vest is an equally office-elegant rendition of a traditional field garment.

Quality, durability, and understated luxury are the brand’s focus and we are happy to say that in the British Motorcycle Jacket, they have nailed each one.

HonourMark is very much the type of brand you would expect to see in the pages of Robb Report or Monocle – in fact, that’s exactly where we hope to see it someday. But, this is also the type of brand that can back up such attention and hype with world-class products that are worth every penny. We expect to see a lot more from HonourMark.

Navy Moto copy 682x1024 Perfect: The HonourMark British Motorcycle Jacket

navy moto corduroy large Perfect: The HonourMark British Motorcycle Jacket

navy moto drawcord large Perfect: The HonourMark British Motorcycle Jacket

DSC 05962 Perfect: The HonourMark British Motorcycle Jacket

DSC 0581 Perfect: The HonourMark British Motorcycle Jacket

2014 10 24 10.05.42 1 Perfect: The HonourMark British Motorcycle Jacket


Underfit: A Brand Relaunches Better Than Ever


Underfit Logo Underfit: A Brand Relaunches Better Than Ever

A few years ago, we introduced you to Underfit, a technically advanced made-in-America undershirt built to keep you comfortable and stylish all day. Back then, the shirts were great; in fact, we still use the samples we tested for the story. Recently, the brand relaunched, and Underfit is back and even better.

With a new owner (actually one of the brand’s original founders), new designs, and improved construction and materials, these are undershirts you really should have in your drawer. And, at about US$25.00, these are a true deal when it comes to performance underwear. Buy a bunch.

In fact, if you want to support a real we-created-this-company-to-make-a-better-product endeavor, take a few minutes and read about the guys behind Underfit.

Underfit the fit no button Underfit: A Brand Relaunches Better Than EverThe new Underfit design incorporates a blend of 95% ProModel and 5% spandex. It’s a lightly stretching material which offers a close and light body-hugging fit. While not compression shirts, they do feel closer than other undershirts we have tested, but in a soft, non-constricting fashion.

The shirts are wider at the shoulders and chest and narrower by the waist, which follows the true shape of most men’s bodies. This design reduces bulk and under-shirt billowing. The shirt also has an extra three inch drop, which helps keep these undershirts stay tucked in all day long.

The fabric used by Underfit is made by Lenzing, a leading specialty fiber manufacturer, and employs modern technology to make your day a comfortable one. It is is exceptionally soft, provides temperature regulation, moisture absorption, and due to it’s particular moisture wicking features, is even odor resistant.

The ProModel fabric also possesses a high tensile strength, which means it is hard to tear, retains its shape, and lasts for years.

We tested both the v-neck and crew neck versions and found each to be comfortable and well-fitting. After a couple of months of wearing and laundering, we see no signs of weakness.

Side-by-side, Underfits are as good as, and in some cases better than undershirts that cost US$10-$15 more. Kudos on making a great purpose-build undershirt even better – at a fair price. Time to stock up.

underfit featured Underfit: A Brand Relaunches Better Than Ever



JPLC Aviator: A Bag for all Seasons

DSC 05472 JPLC Aviator: A Bag for all Seasons

J. Panther Luggage Company makes really cool bags. We have reviewed several of their pieces, including the Courier Ruc, which is essentially the company’s flagship bag. What makes JPLC bags so special is the combination of innovative design, tough-as-nails construction, and use of exceptionally fine materials.

JPLC bags can easily hold their own against better known brands costing thousands more. Construction is impeccable and attention to detail is near obsessive. Testament to this fixation on quality is the fact that Japan is a big market for JPLC, where detail is scrutinized to an exacting degree.

The Aviator is a unique bag because it defies easy description. It’s a day bag, but also a type of document case. It looks purpose-built but also has a flexible functionality to its design that makes the Aviator a companion carry-all for your day-to-day necessities. Our bag came in a highly engineered, lightly-waxed 21 ounce sand canvas with tan leather trim. The Aviator is also offered in a beautiful all-leather version.

It has two removable straps; one a multifunctional wrist strap and the other, a military grade web cross-body strap. the Aviator also comes equipped with a beautifully crafted removable leather passport envelope pocket.

We have found the bag to be well-suited as an everyday companion that can pair well with a business bag when needed. As with all JPLC bags, it is designed to be carried in a variety of modes. Another signature JPLC touch is that the bag’s well-designed pockets actually work no matter the carry configurations.

This review project is particularly exciting for us as it is a long-term commitment to document the breaking-in of this superb bag. We’ll be updating you over the coming months and even years, showing you how the Aviator ages and gains a world traveled patina of life.

DSC 0567 JPLC Aviator: A Bag for all Seasons

DSC 0574 JPLC Aviator: A Bag for all Seasons

DSC 0569 JPLC Aviator: A Bag for all Seasons

DSC 0573 JPLC Aviator: A Bag for all Seasons

DSC 05631 JPLC Aviator: A Bag for all Seasons

DSC 0609 JPLC Aviator: A Bag for all Seasons

DSC 05641 JPLC Aviator: A Bag for all Seasons

DSC 0612 JPLC Aviator: A Bag for all Seasons

DSC 0584 JPLC Aviator: A Bag for all Seasons

JPLC Aviator Outside JPLC Aviator: A Bag for all Seasons

JPLC Aviator Chair JPLC Aviator: A Bag for all Seasons



Shinola Black Blizzard Front Shinola Introduces the Black Blizzard Chronograph

Shinola recently introduced its latest timepiece, the Black Blizzard, named for the dust storms that swept farmers off their land across the Great Plains during the 1930s.

While the Dust Bowl marked a time of desperation and migration across the Midwest, the Black Blizzard was designed to honor the tenacity and ingenuity of those who persevered during that difficult period in American history.

The Black Blizzard is Shinoa’s most technically demanding Detroit-built timepiece to date. Constructed of brushed titanium, with an iconic Shinola black dial and matte black top ring, the watch possesses both traditional appeal and signature Shinola design. This distinctive branding carries through to the case’s engraved back plate.

Shinola BlackBlizzard Packaging V3 1024x682 Shinola Introduces the Black Blizzard Chronograph

The Black Storm is available in a 42mm or 48mm case and in addition to the solid titanium link bracelet, it also comes with an custom-made black rubber strap. The watch is driven by the Argonite 5050 high-accuracy quartz chronograph movement and has a 20ATM depth rating.

What’s particularly cool about this new release is that each timepiece comes with a leather-bound coffee table book about the dust storms for which it is named. This historically significant book features rare photos, newspaper clippings, and a concise history of the era.

The deluxe packaging also includes a custom outer gift box, certificate of authenticity, leather card wallet, leather timepiece carrying case, and a hickory presentation watch box.

The Black Storm retails for US $1,500.00 and is now available for purchase through and at Shinola retail stores.

Shinola Black Blizzard Three 1024x588 Shinola Introduces the Black Blizzard Chronograph


Shinola Black Blizzard Back Shinola Introduces the Black Blizzard Chronograph

Shinola BlackBlizzard Packaging V6 1024x686 Shinola Introduces the Black Blizzard Chronograph

Shinola BlackBlizzard Packaging V4 1024x682 Shinola Introduces the Black Blizzard Chronograph