Pro Am Athletes Sign Up Now For Bonobos Bracket Challenge

Hey OTC readers, as most of you already know, we here at Of the Cuff are big fans of Bonobos – both the company and clothing.  Well, for the sports-minded among you, the Bonobos “Pro-Am Bracket Challenge” is giving fans a once in a lifetime opportunity to team up with a sports legend to create their March bracket and win big.

But you need to sign up now!

Through Bonobos’ “Pro-Am Bracket Challenge”, fans have the choice to team up with baseball hall-of-famer Rollie Fingers, six-time hot dog-eating champion Takeru Kobayashi, national Soccer hall of famer Marceo Balboa, former Guinness world record holder for the longest paper airplane throw Stephen Kreiger, or 800-lb sumo wrestler Emanual Yarbough.

How it Works:

1.     Hurry up, because time is almost up!  Register with Bonobos starting today. You’ll then have until March 20th at noon EST to fill out your bracket.

2.     Once your bracket is selected, without any knowledge of the Pros’ bracket picks, you’ll pick one person to be your partner.

3.     Scores will be accumulated from their partners and their own brackets

4.     The individual with the most points at the end of the tournament wins.

1st Prize

  • Two (2) tickets to the 2015 Final Four Tournament (ARV: $1,500.oo)
  • One Thousand Dollars (ARV:$1,000.00) in Bonobos Store Credit
  • Signed bracket from the Sports Legends (Priceless)
  • Total First Place Prize ARV: $2,500

2nd Prize

  • Five Hundred Dollars ($500.00) in Bonobos Store Credit
  • Total Second Place Prize ARV: $500

3rd Prize

  • Two Hundred and Fifty Dollars ($250.00) in Bonobos Store Credit
  • Total Third Place Prize ARV: $250

Bonobos will host exclusive promotions throughout the tournament for bracket members as well. Everybody wins!

Pro Am Logo Sign Up Now For Bonobos Bracket Challenge


OTC x Trident Gum: See What Unfolds

fb steveaoki vote banner 02 OTC x Trident Gum: See What Unfolds

Our friends at Trident Gum have asked that we let OTC readers know about a great contest that just launched over at their Facebook page.

You can help make an aspiring filmmaker very happy and possibly cast the deciding vote on the official Steve Aoki/Duran Duran video for their recent remix of the 1980s classic “Hungry Like the Wolf.”

OTC is all about making classic style modern, and the same holds true for classic music.

Last month Trident kicked off its summer-long “See What Unfolds Live” series where approximately 3,000 fans were treated to an unforgettable performance hosted by DJ Steve Aoki that included an appearance by legendary pop superstars Duran Duran.  Yes, they still rock.  The night’s defining moment was a Steve Aoki produced and remixed performance of the band’s classic hit, Hungry Like The Wolf, aptly named, “Hungry Like The Wolf: Steve Aoki vs. Duran Duran – The New York Werewolf Mix.”

Trident launched a music video competition on Genero.TV, an online community well-known for connecting artists with fans and filmmakers alike, and enlisted users to get in on the fun by creating their own music video for the new track. The jury winner will receive $10,000, with two runners up each winning $2,500. The winner chosen by the fans will get $5,000.

And this is where you come in.  Starting today, you too can be a part of music history! Help choose the official music video by voting for one of the four finalists.  With $20,000 in total at stake for the finalists, it’s no light decision!

Voting is scheduled to close the evening of July 26, so don’t delay!

On June 29th, the winning video will be announced as the official video of the collaboration.

To vote for your favorite video, just heard over to Trident’s Facebook page.


Win a Braun Series 5 Electric Shaver

Braun Series 5 Win a Braun Series 5 Electric ShaverWhile OTC is not a grooming-focused site per-se, we have always appreciated the importance of looking your best.  We also appreciate best-of-class products, and Braun makes some of the finest electric shavers on the market.

So, we are very happy to announce that Braun is partnering with OTC to give away a free Series 5 electric shaver to one lucky OTC reader.  We have been testing a Series 7 shaver for the past several weeks and have been impressed with its combination of smooth performance and delivery of a thorough and comfortable shave.

The Series 5 offers an excellent shave in problem areas and features Braun’s patented ActiveLift middle trimmer, the unique OptiFoil, and the contour adaptive shaving head.  The Series 5 combines ergonomic Braun design with high performance, exceptional design, and reliable performance.

The series 5 also has the amazing Braun Clean & Renew System.  At the simple touch of a button your shaver is hygienically cleaned, charged and lubricated for your maximum convenience.  The Clean & Renew System also keeps your blades in top condition, ensuring the ultimate performance with every stroke.  And because regular cleaning provides optimal hygiene you can experience a fresh shaving every day.

To enter your chance at a free Braun Series 5 electric shaver ($229.00), here is all you have to do:

1. Add a brief comment to this post telling us what “looking your best” means to you.

2. Fan OTC and Braun on Facebook

Make sure to enter, the winner will be announced on Wednesday, June 13!


HP Feature 20120522 01Henleys GIVEAWAY: American Giant Short Sleeve Pocket Henley

Can you really make a better tee shirt?  When you are American Giant, the answer is “yes.”

The San Fransisco-based company recently introduced a line of tee shirts, adding to their collection of solid, straightforward American sportswear.  And, staying true to the brand’s classic-is-best philosophy, they are not so much different as they are better.  Better shape to fit real bodies while still appearing trim. Better fabric, evident in the soft, beefy cotton that feels like it will last forever.  Better construction and quality continues to define what American Giant is all about.

Just launched this week, the short sleeve pocket henley is the newest addition to American Giant’s lineup.  You can now choose among classic crew neck, v-neck, and this modern take on the timeless henley.

To celebrate the launch of their new short Sleeve Pocket Henley, American Giant and OTC have teamed up to give away five new henley tees to five lucky OTC readers!

Here’s all you have to do to enter the contest

1. Like OTC and American Giant on Facebook

2. Follow OTC and American Giant on Twitter



TRUE PREP Swag Bag Contest – We Have A Winner!

tweed 300x283 TRUE PREP Swag Bag Contest   We Have A Winner!I am happy to announce that we have a winner in the OTC TRUE PREP Swag Bag Giveaway!

Jack A. Mallon (#26) and his dad’s patched tweed blazer, ancient history class, squash racket and professorially demeanor added up to a winning combination.  I cannot tell you how hard it was to select a story that best reflected what being “preppy” is really all about and also told us all a little bit about the writer.  From seersucker at the Kennedy Center to matching Gold Cup outfits, prep schools to winning the right to not wear socks with loafers at the office, every one was a great read.

I will always laugh at the Georgetown bow tie “you’re-stealing-my-thunder” incident as well as the touching reminiscence of watching Sargent Shriver and his grandson in church, dapper and gentlemanly even in mourning for his late wife.

Other great lines include a friend noting that the “Dress code at Yale is apparently Andy Bernard style”; “Yep, my initials are BMOC”; and Andrew Y’s entire story of his big prep moment running into the realty that is old school prep plainness.

Thanks again to all who offered up their stories and please be assured that I read and re-read every one.  Each of you touched on the many aspects that mark the genuine nature of preppy culture.  From deprecating self awareness to duct-taped boat shoes, every one is it’s own cultural observation.

Here is the winning entry:

I’m a second year history student at the University of Guelph and last week, seeing as it was the first week of classes, I wanted to make a good impression. Dawning my father’s tweed blazer from his days at Guelph with the University crest and elbow patches, as well as khakis, a blue oxford, and a rep tie I set off for campus, bringing my squash racquet with me for a game later that day.

Upon reaching my Ancient History class about ten minutes late I strolled in, hoping not to interrupt my professor. As fate would have it I had been taught Latin by the professor several times, and when he saw me, halted his lecture and greeted me in Latin and started telling me how squash was his favorite sport and that he’d like to play me sometime. Glad to have avoided making a bad impression with my tardiness I took a seat for the remainder of the lecture. After class as I was walking down the hall I was approached by three or four students asking me a multitude of questions about the course.

It turned out that my friendliness with the professor and my overall appearance had led them to believe that I was the assistant professor. I played along and answered as many questions as possible. People can say what they wish about preppy attire, but for me it is the embodiment of dressing for success.