Tactical Denim from Triple Aught Design

These days it seems that everyone wants to have their name in the denim space. Japanese selvage, American heritage, and everything in between – and that’s a great thing for those of use who love a great pair of jeans. And, with more flexibility in work wear along with denim being seen as a casual … [Read more…]

A New Spin on Underwear: The Eighth

Today’s men’s underwear is not your father’s underwear. In some cases, it’s even the underwear you’re currently used to. As with every other aspect of the menswear space, furnishings – underwear, undershirts, socks – are all being re-imagined. Blending new designs with high tech materials, today’s underwear option can keep you comfortable all day long. … [Read more…]

The Vesper Polo From Mack Weldon

While the polo is a classic staple of most men’s wardrobe, rarely does this iconic shirt get an updating worth noting. The new Vesper polo from Mack Weldon not only updates this versatile shirt with a slim and slightly retro fit, their micro-mesh fabric gives it a lightweight performance feel that also looks crisp and smooth … [Read more…]

An Updated Take on the Classic Cafe Racer

A leather jacket is one of the most serviceable and valued pieces in many men’s wardrobes. It can be iconic and, depending on the style and design, also of-the-moment, imparting a specific sense of personality and personal brand. More so than most other garments, a leather jacket becomes an extension of oneself and a deeply personal … [Read more…]

Modern Military Inspiration: Inseam Clothing

Inseam Clothing & Supply takes its inspiration from military classics and blends that timeless functionality with a very modern, urban ethos. There is a heavy touch of self-awareness to this 15 year-old brand that doesn’t simply reference military uniforms; in some cases it nearly parodies them. Founded by two Boston guys who wanted to make … [Read more…]

American Giant: The Best Classic Athletic Wear

Few brands ever achieve real cult status – the kind that develops on its own accord resulting from pure consumer appreciation and/or fascination. Such love, and obsession, directed at a product or company must be rooted in the unique quality of the goods offered, restriction of product access – either deliberate or unintended, and legitimate … [Read more…]

Luxury Italian Outerware: MONOBI

Discovering a new menswear brand with which most people may be unfamiliar is often one of the great joys of running OTC. We love to tell you about companies and products that are the best at what they do. And, when that brand makes some truly remarkable products, it only adds to the moment. Such … [Read more…]