Alan Flusser, Revamped

At the Fashion Institute of Technology this evening, best-selling author and Coty Award-winning designer Alan Flusser will be speaking on the subject of menswear and the principals underlying the Art of Permanent Fashion.  He will explain the do’s and don’ts of buying and wearing stylish clothes, as well as the formation of an individual dressing … [Read more…]

A Night of BeSpeaking With Alan Flusser

On Wednesday evening the inaugural BeSpeak Sartorial Summit was held at Alan Flusser’s Custom shop in NYC.  It was a unique opportunity for some of the top menswear, trad and fashion bloggers to meet and mingle with Alan Flusser and some seriously well connected insiders. Equally important was the chance to learn all about Flusser’s … [Read more…]

BeSpeak app from Alan Flusser Profiled on Luxist

We are thrilled to announce that today Luxist, the web’s leading luxury lifestyle magazine, decided to profile the new BeSpeak app. Luxist’s writers scour the world for the best of the best and with nearly four million unique visitors every day, its influence is undeniable. As Luxist writer Jonathon Ramsey notes, “Never again will you … [Read more…]