BeSpeak Makes List of Top 500 Apps

We are thrilled to announce that BeSpeak has been selected by a panel of experts from The Sunday Times as one of the top 500 smartphone apps in the world.

The Times’ App List is a definitive guide to must-have games, tools and distractions for your iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone 7 or tablet.  According to the paper, The Sunday Times’ app list was compiled by experts in the relevant fields along with input from regular Sunday Times app reviewers. The App List itself allows readers to search for specific aps, look through app categories and arrange results by platform.

Off the Cuff is proud to be part of the BeSpeak team and honored to work with such a distinguished and talented t group of sartorial and technical experts.

Conceived and developed by legendary clothier Alan Flusser, BeSpeak provides style guidance for business attire for men, including the best style of suit, dress shirt, tie, and pocket square to dress your personal best. The app recommends and coordinates the suit, dress shirt, tie and a pocket square customized for each individual based on a personal profile.

BeSpeak employs patent pending proprietary technology to create a personal profile based on hair color, skin tone, eye color, face shape, body shape and size. These algorithms were created based on intense analysis of classical style guides and designer preferences as seen in fashion advertising and runway shows.

It’s an amazing tool that can help you find the colors, patterns and styles that best suit (so to speak) your specific profile.

Use it in the morning to decide which outfit to wear, how to improve an individual outfit or when shopping to help select profile-perfect purchases. Select the most flattering clothes for a meeting, a date, or job interview. Most importantly, BeSpeak can help you better develop the dressing skills for how to look your most stylish every day.

How does BeSpeak work? First, create and store a personal profile for you (or others) based on hair color, skin tone, eye color, face shape, body shape and size. Then, you will receive a recommendation for coordinated outfits.

To see additional outfit recommendations, just tap the “reload” button on the lower menu bar.

You can also input your own individual articles of clothing or potential purchases and the app will make recommendations relative to your profile as well as evaluate and grade your choices. So, you can build your own virtual closet, get expert recommendations on what works best for you and even make sure that new shirt, suit or tie actually fits with your profile and your wardrobe.

You can download the free BeSpeak app from or from the iTunes store.



Alan Flusser, Revamped

At the Fashion Institute of Technology this evening, best-selling author and Coty Award-winning designer Alan Flusser will be speaking on the subject of menswear and the principals underlying the Art of Permanent Fashion.  He will explain the do’s and don’ts of buying and wearing stylish clothes, as well as the formation of an individual dressing style that transcends the fickleness of fashion’s momentary appeal.  If you are in New York this evening, you should not miss it.  To learn more, click here.

Alan is perhaps best known as the designer of Michael Douglas’ wardrobe for his legendary character Gordon Gekko in the movie Wall Street.  However, to end the story at that point would not only do disservice to one of the great masters of classic – and timeless – personal sartorial expression.

In full disclosure, OTC has the distinct pleasure of working with Alan on BeSpeak, his innovative iPhone application which is about to launch a completely upgraded version.  Regardless, it goes without saying that Alan Flusser, perhaps more than any other designer understands how a man should dress.

He has an encyclopedic knowledge of menswear and a Rolodex most designers would kill to glance through for even a moment.  More so, he has an innate ability to read a person and know what looks right.

Fareed Zakaria, the dapper host of CNN’s Fareed Zakaria 360, journalist and author, is a client of Flusser and shining example of modern classic style.  He is an elegant gentleman who makes being a global intellectual cool and testament to Alan’s ability to help a man’s personality flow through his wardrobe, not the other way around.

Alan Flusser is very much an active clothier, with an eye pinned to the future.  In fact, he is in the process of refining and, in some ways reinterpreting a little, the brand of Alan Flusser.  An updated Custom Shop recently debuted in it’s well-known Manhattan localle, a new website is in the works and a revamped iPhone app is ready to drop any day now.  He is also garnering some fresh and long-deserved notice by the global glossy style trades.

Nick Foulkes profiles Alan and his influence on menswear in the current issue of British GQ and The Rake recently stopped by to pen an article for an upcoming issue.  Though not a contributor – sigh – to the title, OTC agrees that it is one of the best menswear magazines on the market (but you still can’t get it in the States).  All in all, we are quite happy that Alan Flusser is being rediscovered by a new generation of gentleman sorely in need of his style and skills.


BeSpeak Launches Upgrade to Dressing Well

When Alan Flusser decided to create BeSpeak his goal was not a modest one.  He wanted to take his own exceptional ability to dress a man perfectly, for who he himself is, and put it in a handheld device.  He wanted to make himself into an app.

Though it may sound like one, this is not a vanity project.  Alan could, if he wished to, simply settle back and enjoy the spoils of an already accomplished career.  He is a Coty award winner, legendary shopkeeper and bespoke tailor, author of some of the most influential menswear books written, designer of the clothing for the movies ‘Wall Street’ and ‘Scent of a Woman,’ and a permanent member of the International Best-Dressed list.

But for Alan, who is at heart an educator and lifelong student of the human condition, being able to reach out and direct men around the world towards understanding the hows and whys of looking their individual best continues to drive and focus his energies.  As you may already know, OTC provides social media services to BeSpeak  To learn more about this relationship, please visit OTC’s BeSpeak page.

Alan wanted to create some kind of training tool or device that could help men understand what colors, patterns and fabrics looked best on them.  And even more important, he wanted to be able to demonstrate why – so that the information became a permanent gateway towards helping them form their own unique, yet permanent dressing style.  In essence, it’s the same thing Alan has been doing for much of the last twenty-five years with his custom clients; that is, when he’s not writing about the larger process for the benefit of those inclined to want to study it further.

The BeSpeak application took more than a year to create and, in addition to his day job, Alan was actively involved in every detail.  He insisted that the digital fabric swatches actually look like real fabric – a far more complicated and time-consuming task than initially realized– and used only Pantone colors which are what actual clothing manufactures use.  So if Cambridge Blue matches your profile, rest assured that it’s a real color used in real clothing.

Don’t worry though, BeSpeak is not a cage.  It does not restrict your ability to express a personal or unique style.  Quite the opposite; the app allows you to understand what works on you and in doing so give you the freedom to expand and finesse your wardrobe while always looking your best.

This is how BeSpeak came to be.

And so, as Luxist concisely put it, “after 31 years of men coming to him to find out how best to attire themselves, he has developedan iPhone app called BeSpeak which means that now Alan Flusser comes to you.”

BeSpeak launched several months ago and has been well received by thousands of men looking to better understand how to dress well.  As with anything so pioneering and multi-dimensional, it’s a work in progress. To that end, we just launched a major upgrade that now gives the user a whole new perspective on a selected outfit.

The basics remain the same: you build a personal profile includes your hair color, skin tone, eye color, face shape, body shape and size. The app’s recommendations are based first on that profile, and then on matching and complimenting all of the colors and patterns of the items you’ll be wearing – suit, dress shirt, tie, and pocket square.

A major feature of the upgrade is the remarkable new mannequin view, which allows the user to view a selected outfit on a mannequin form matching his contrast profile.  The suit, shirt tie and pocket square all appear as they would when worn giving the user a clear look at the potential outfit.

In the end, you are still in charge.  BeSpeak makes suggestions, it does not dictate personal taste or hinder personal expression.  What it can do is educate men to identify the colors, styles, proportions and materials that best match their personal profiles.

Once you have all that under your belt, you are free to break the rules…..because now you know them.


A Night of BeSpeaking With Alan Flusser

On Wednesday evening the inaugural BeSpeak Sartorial Summit was held at Alan Flusser’s Custom shop in NYC.  It was a unique opportunity for some of the top menswear, trad and fashion bloggers to meet and mingle with Alan Flusser and some seriously well connected insiders.

Equally important was the chance to learn all about Flusser’s amazing iPhone application from the man himself.  Nearly 30 bloggers, publishers, style leaders and a couple of well-known names spent the evening with the BeSpeak team, learning about this innovative tool and chatting with the legendary Alan Flusser about the art and science of dressing well.

Michael Drake, the founder of Drakes-London and style legend in his own right, was in town and joined us as well.  Michael’s ties and other luxurious accessories are some the finest available and he’s even made ties, pocket squares and scarves for Alan’s shop over the years.

Robert Bryan, the founder of one of the most iconic men’s style magazines, “M”, was also in attendance.  For those seriously interested in classic style and menswear, “M” – published in the late 1980s through early 1990s – is still considered one of the forerunners to today’s men’s lifestyle magazines.  As you might suspect, he was impeccably attired.

We were also honored to have the editor and men’s fashion editor from, some heavy hitters from Brooks Brothers and the publisher of the forthcoming, and rabidly expected, Take Ivy reprint.  On that note, a head’s up – the entire first printing is already sold out and it hasn’t even hit the shelves yet!

Equally important are the outstanding blogs that showed up, including Rugby, Street Etiquette, The Trad, Alex Grant, Image Granted, The Mod Revival and Made To Measure.  Thanks for spending the evening with us guys!

For more information on BeSpeak, make sure to visit or stop by our home on Facebook.  You can also check out OTC’s own dedicated BeSpeak page.

Here are some more pictures from the event:


We are thrilled to announce that today Luxist, the web’s leading luxury lifestyle magazine, decided to profile the new BeSpeak app. Luxist’s writers scour the world for the best of the best and with nearly four million unique visitors every day, its influence is undeniable.

As Luxist writer Jonathon Ramsey notes, “Never again will you have someone examine your shirt, tie and pocket square with that silent look of, ‘What happened there?'” Find out for yourself how great it is to have the skill, insight and style of Alan Flusser right in the palm of your hand.

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