OTC at the New York Launch Party for the Book “Rowing Blazers”

Last week, we traveled up to New York City for the invitation-only party to celebrate the U.S. launch of the new book Rowing Blazers. Held at the newly inaugurated Polo/Ralph Lauren flagship store on Fifth Avenue – opening only days earlier – the event was a fun, crowded,  and sartorial cacophony of colors and patterns. … [Read more…]

The Smart Side of Style

Being called stylish can mean so many things. You dress well, nice haircut, cool bag, great car, impressive art collection. Even how you walk down the street can be stylish – look at John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever. Then there’s the kind of stylish that transcends mere clothing or accoutrement; being smart. As many … [Read more…]

Alan Flusser Strolling Down to DC

Alan Flusser, the legendary clothier, celebrated menswear author, guru of classic style, and all around charming fellow, will be in Washington, DC, next week. Alan and his crew will be in town Tuesday, February 21, through Thursday, February 23, to meet with new clients and check in with old friends.  If you have ever wanted … [Read more…]

Alan Flusser, Revamped

At the Fashion Institute of Technology this evening, best-selling author and Coty Award-winning designer Alan Flusser will be speaking on the subject of menswear and the principals underlying the Art of Permanent Fashion.  He will explain the do’s and don’ts of buying and wearing stylish clothes, as well as the formation of an individual dressing … [Read more…]